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Smiling Gardener Website – Your Complete Guide To Organic Gardening And Organic Fertilizer Brands

Growing your garden in an organic way not only bring many benefits to you as the grower but also to the environment and the community. Aside from being able to enjoy fresh and healthy produce from your backyard, a healthy garden serves as a space for birds and butterflies to hang out. And because you employ eco-friendly solutions, you help in the preservation of the environment.
To help you grow a healthy organic garden, Smiling Gardener is one website you can visit. Here you can find organic gardening lessons, holistic gardening handbook and other information. The blog page alone has a lot of tips and articles for you to become a better gardener.

Understanding The Role Of Microbial Inoculants

Inoculants are products that bring beneficial microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi into your garden. Microbial inoculants are needed to increase the diversity and number of soil microbes in your soil food web. So you need to bring in microorganisms to achieve optimal health in your garden. 3 microbial inoculants you can find on the site are:

  • EM or Effective Microorganisms® - this is the first inoculants the site recommends.  This product reduces pests that may cause damage to your plants. It also improves the process of germination, photosynthesis, and fruiting which translates to higher-yielding plants. Additionally, it cleans up dirty water and it removes toxins from soil and plants.
  • Mycorrhizal Inoculant – this is considered to be the most helpful soil inoculant. Mycorrhizal fungus is the most important microorganism species for your garden. This microorganism works so closely with plants. It brings plants the nutrients and water they need. It also protects them from root feeding diseases.
  • Compost Tea Brewers – this is good if biology is the main factor that is deficient in your garden.

How To Choose High Quality Mycorrhizal Fungi For Sale

The site says that when buying mycorrhizal inoculants that are for sale, know that the number of mycorrhizal spores matters. Compare spore count to the price as some products have 1000 spores per pound, others have hundreds of thousands. Aside from the count, the health and the quality are also important. Spores may be destroyed during the manufacturing or delivery process. You may lose a lot of benefits if this happens.

The Best Organic Fertilizer Brands

You can find a lot of organic fertilizer products online. has a review page where you can check some of the best organic fertilizer brands. Here the site recommends:

  • SCD Bio Ag (Similar To EM)
  • Neptune's Harvest Organic Fish Fertilizer 16 0z
  • Basalt Rock Dust
  • Dr. Earth Organic 5 Tomato Vegetable Herb Fertilizer, 12-Pound
  • Wholesome Sweeteners - Organic Molasses Unsulphured - 32 oz.
  • 1 Lb TeraVita Humic Acid Soluble Powder
  • Foli-Cal Liquid Calcium
  • Mycorrrhizal Fungi Inoculant
 Read more review here.

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