Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A Decade Of Placing Properties In Good Hands With BPI Brisbane

There are a lot of consequences that can be faced when your property is infested with pests even at the early stages. For one, the property’s value can go drastically lower just because of the infestation. This is why it is highly recommendable to maintain a regular building and pest inspection. Brisbane area has several pests that may infest properties such as rats, mice, termites, ants, midges, and a lot more. These are some of the pest problems that Martin Slater wanted to address when he established BPI Brisbane. Incidentally, Slater also has long years of experience in the building industry that was useful when the company ventured into other inspection services such as asbestos testing. The company has been in operation for a decade now and has been making Slater’s 20-year experience in the Building Industry to very good use.

Pest Inspections

There is a standard that has to be complied with for pest inspections. Brisbane needs to comply with such standards. Particularly, Australian Standard 4349.3-1998 and AS 3660 Inspection Guidelines set the rules on how pest inspection should be conducted. BPI, in compliance with such standards, uses thermal camera technology in locating and detecting pests. After insects or pests have been detected, the company will not leave its client at that. They see to it that the client is informed through a Timber pest report and they also provide assistance on how clients can make sure that no future infestations occur through a maintenance plan.

Asbestos Testing

Although BPI has proven its expertise in pest inspections, it is not focused on said area alone. It also conducts other kinds of inspection such as asbestos testing. Brisbane properties that are built prior to 1990 are those that have the high possibility of having asbestos in its structure. As is well-known, asbestos has been banned by a lot of countries, including Australia, due to the health risk it poses. BPI’s asbestos testing include not only asbestos identification but also asbestos assessment, testing, audit, and report.

All You Must Know in a Click

The company maintains a website (BPI Brisbane) where anyone interested can visit for more information. They discuss their building inspections, pest inspections, and other inspection services as well as provide a list for their service areas. They have also provided a quotation for their services prices on their website for those who would like to be apprised on the cost in order to save for it before actually contracting inspection services. They have listed down and answered several frequently asked questions for those who have similar concerns. Their contact details are likewise posted on their website for anyone’s easy access. 

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