Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Brisbane Christian College: The Leading Private School In Australia

Education is essential to everyone. This is needed in order for kids to gain knowledge and hone their skills. Thus, enrolling kids in reliable institutions can help them create a better and more stable future. Surely, there are different institutions to choose from. All claim to provide effective and reliable teaching strategies for your kids. But, if you live in Australia or if you are planning to move with the whole family, the ideal institution for your kids is Brisbane Christian College.

Facts about Brisbane Christian College

  • Brisbane Christian College is located in the Brisbane suburb of Salisbury, approximately 12 kms south of the city centre. 
  • Brisbane Christian College is a twenty minute drive from Brisbane’s Central Business District and fifty minutes from the beaches of Gold Coast.
  • There are numerous bus services that provide transport to the College from suburbs in Logan and Brisbane.
  • Brisbane Christian College also has its own fleet of buses that provides a service in the morning and afternoon to and from the College. Brisbane Christian College provides a free bus service from Salisbury train station.
Services of Brisbane Christian College

As of today, Brisbane Christian College offers different types of educational services and levels to accommodate the needs of your kids. Listed below are the following.

Pre-Prep – In order to prepare your child for school, it is essential to enroll them in a pre-prep education. Brisbane Christian College’s pre-prep education is Queensland Government Approved Kindergarten and offers an education play-based program for children.

Primary education – Some kids state school is very boring, but not in Brisbane Christian College since they have incorporated new books, maths games and educational computer games to make the classroom study more exciting. Other primary school program includes Art or SOSE project, Music, PE, Computer Technology, fitness and healthy eating. In addition, the college also offers after school Tutoring and Homework program.

Middle & Secondary - Brisbane Christian College is one of the top high schools in Brisbane and offers a wide range of subjects in the High School years including compulsory subjects such as Mathematics and English and electives including Sciences, Technology, Physical Education and The Arts.

International – Brisbane Christian College also accommodates foreign students. Most foreign students come from countries such as Vietnam, China, India, Papua New Guinea, Korea and Taiwan.

Why enroll your kids in Brisbane Christian College

  • Excellence in teaching that is nurtured through regular staff training.
  • Education that is Christ-centred. Regular devotions, Christian based teaching, clubs and a College Chaplain all support their Christian values. 
  • In 2014, Brisbane Christian College had a 91% of pathway of excellence academic students received OP 1-16. All students have passed the subjects. Five students received best NAPLAN results in the State for their subject areas. And, 19/20 NAPLAN areas were equal or above National average.

If you want to know more about Brisbane Christian College, you can visit them at to ensure your child’s future.

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