Monday, June 1, 2015

Having A Perfectly Aesthetic And Functional Bathroom With The Help Of Perth Renovation Group

leading home renovation experts in Perth

Sometimes, the best vacations happen at home. This is the main reason why the term “staycation” was invented. If you don’t have the budget to stay at a hotel or resort or to go on a road trip, you can certainly just have a “staycation”. Think of all the money you save when you choose this option.

To have a great “staycation”, it is imperative that you love living in your home, though. This means that you love all the aspects and areas in your home, everything is functional and in working order and that nothing in your property is giving you a headache.

Your vacation at home though won’t go smoothly and stress-free as you want it to be if you have certain problems or do not like something in your home.

Your Bathroom

One of the areas in your home that everyone frequently uses for long periods of time is the bathroom. It is one of the most visited and used rooms in any home. As such, it is important that the bathroom is always functional, all its fixtures are working properly and that you like its overall design and style. And if you don’t, well maybe it’s time for you to use the money you saved from your vacation into having a better bathroom that suits your taste and requirements.

trusted home renovation experts in Perth

Getting Help From Bathroom Renovation Experts
To have that bathroom that you’ve always wanted, consider getting help from renovation specialists. In Perth, one of the leading home and bathroom renovation experts is Perth Renovation Group.

Perth Renovation Group is a boutique company that specialises in high quality renovation projects. They take on the roles of designers and renovators in bringing simple and challenging renovation projects to fruition. All their contractors are licensed, verified and fully insured.

The company’s focus on customer service is set at a benchmark that they proudly uphold. All their project planning and delivery processes adhere to the strictest systems to ensure that their projects run smoothly and all their clients are consistently consulted.

Perth Renovation Group’s main office is located at Riseley Street, Ardross, WA.

leading bathroom renovation experts in Perth

Perth Renovation Group’s Bathroom Renovation Services
Perth Renovation Group can assist in crafting a stylish bathroom design that does not hurt your budget. Their services cover everything from site visit and measure to design, delivery and installation.

They offer intelligent bathroom design: clients request a free site visit, the company consult with them on their design tastes and budget. After conducting a site measure, you will be given a design draft. The design will include all the taps, vanities and sanitary ware, chosen with you from a wide selection of brochures available from their office. Once you are satisfied with the design, you receive a fixed quote for full supply and install.

Once all your chosen materials are ordered and delivery dates verified, Perth Renovation Group programs the project and consult with you on a convenient timeframe. All trades are then fully organised and supervised to completion.

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