Wednesday, June 10, 2015

No Fuss Event Hire – The Best Provider Of Event Furnishings & Portable Marquee Flooring

They work vigorously in order to sustain their excellent reputation for reliability and credibility in the supply of hire equipment services, both in Victoria and interstate. Also, they employ a team of experienced staff equipped with logical expertise in order to simultaneously carry out major events. It was in 1996 that No Fuss Event Hire, the best supplier of event furnishings and portable marquee flooring, was founded.

More Information About No Fuss Event Hire

The company has launched long-term contractual arrangements with a very extensive list of high profile events. There has been a dramatic increased demand for temporary infrastructure like portable ground access products, tables, marquees, chairs and portable flooring over the years. It is for this reason that No Fuss Event Hire is now considered the market leader in Australia.

In fact, the company is known to be the largest stockiest of temporary flooring as well as ground access products in Australia. They offer cutting-edge products. Indeed, their ability to supply on demand as well as to deliver versatility cannot be surpassed by any other service providers.

Their future focus is aimed on their belief in consistency in terms of delivering professional customer service along with the innovation to lease quality products that are very suitable to a wide range of industries.

Their Offerings

Floorings – You can choose from a wide range of portable flooring products like marquee flooring products. These offerings are proven to be the most practical and comprehensive coverings for all ground conditions as well as surfaces, both in indoor and outdoor situations. They provide turf protection products and temporary roadways.

Marquee Hire & Structure Installation – The company offers marquee hire with a wide range of structures in many different sizes in order to compliment any kind of event. These modern structures will be set up by professionals who are equipped with only the latest technology in order to make sure that there will be a minimal impact on the site. Be aware that prior to installation, the area will be inspection to ensure that there will be no disturbance to the natural state of the area.

Event Furniture Hire – They offer a wide selection of event furnishings for marquee occasions. You can choose from tables and chairs for informal and formal dining, casual seating, theatre style seating and other event furnishings that will suit all your needs. Indeed, portable misting fans along with radiant heaters will deliver a new level of comfort for outdoor and indoor events.

Specialty Structures – They offer different specialists marquees that are sure to boost any event with that extra special touch. These structures will include air-roof, inflatable cube, and WOW Crossover Dome Structures.

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