Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Porticos: The Leading Engineering Consulting Company

Time to time, the needs of individuals change, from the items they use and the services they need. Therefore, it is important for business owners to be innovative in creating products and services that can cater to the needs of their target audience. Surely, there are numerous products and services that can help individuals. However, it is also important for business owners to assess the costs of their products to match the budget of their consumers. Hence, when creating a product, it is best to opt for the services of an engineering consulting company like Porticos.

Facts about Porticos
  • Porticos was founded in 2003 by Greg Patterson, Sean Ahr and Kevin Carpenter. These individuals are mechanical engineers with extensive background in product development.
  • Porticos engineers are named inventors on over 75 US patents ranging from mechanical devices to software and extending across a wide range of products.
  • Porticos provides complete design solutions by leveraging an extensive network of partners who specialize in hardware, software, prototyping and manufacturing.
Services offered by Porticos

As of now, Porticos offers numerous services for any business, from a product design firm, a product development company, supplier and industrialization experts, a quality engineering firm, testing and verification support and quality support researchers. As a result, Porticos can provide the following solutions for you.

Product Innovation: This service encourages design and product inventions with creative concepts and expert mechanical engineering strategies.

Technical Feasibility: Porticos experts are continuously creating engineering solutions for technically difficult designs and products.

Product Development: Porticos can develop new products with creative design solutions, expert mechanical engineering techniques, and patented new technologies and strategies.

Engineering Analysis: Porticos applies engineering principles to the study of a design, product, system, or mechanism in order to test or improve the operation.

Supplier Support: Porticos provides support to products relying on the supply and organization of intricate, high-quality, and/or custom product components.

Verification: Testing, assessing, or reviewing concepts or products to verify project factors like feasibility, design, and cost.

Industrialization: Turning good ideas into great products.

Production / Quality Support: Supporting clients as they work through production details or focusing on quality control. For examples of production and quality support work, see their case studies that showcase tolerance analysis experience.

Why choose Porticos
  1. Porticos focuses on being the product development company that can provide clients with complete design solutions.
  2. Porticos shares enthusiasm for innovation, which helps them create a better product with better features.
  3. Porticos will work with the client to develop a custom solution to meet their needs.
In case that you want to know more about Porticos, you can visit them at www.porticos.net to find the ideal product design service you need.

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