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Dacon Inspection Services Co., Ltd.: Asia’s Top Inspection And Asset Integrity Solutions Provider

leading inspection and asset integrity solutions provider

All businesses and industries have to make sure that all their equipment and systems are in proper working order. This is to ensure that their operations are never hampered with and everything works and runs smoothly. Making sure that all the equipment and systems they use regularly are working properly is also a way of ensuring the safety of all employees in a company.

The Importance Of Inspection Services In Certain Industries

Oil and gas, mining, petrochemical, refinery and fabrication industries are considered by some as high-risk industries. This is due to the fact that there are so many volatile chemicals and sensitive equipment and features used in such industries. When these are not inspected and maintained regularly and properly, they can hamper operations and even cause accidents in the workplace. Businesses that fall under this line of trade are therefore required to have all their assets and other features professionally inspected regularly.

trusted inspection and asset integrity solutions provider

A Trusted Professional Inspection Company In Asia

One of the most trusted companies that provide topnotch professional inspection and asset integrity evaluation solutions in Asia is Dacon Inspection Services Co., Ltd. This company delivers inspection and asset integrity solutions built around global expertise, international experience and local knowledge.

Dacon Inspection Services was initially incorporated in Oslo, Norway in 1979 as a diving and subsea inspection company. In 1984, Dacon was contracted by Elf to develop the world’s first ROV deployed internal Well head inspection tool. Since then, the company has been part of numerous developments for the oil & gas sector.

Dacon’s first office in Asia was opened in Singapore in 1993. The company has then continuously provided inspection services in the South East Asia region. A representation office was soon established in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with services being provided mainly for Malaysia’s offshore field and eastern seaboard petrochemical industries. The company also established a new head office in Rayong, Thailand in 1996 where they started their Pipeline services division and soon gained regard  as one of Asia’s leading Pipeline Integrity companies.

The company boasts of over 400 qualified inspectors and is proud to provide inspection solutions and pipeline services to many of the world's leading multinational companies in the oil & gas, petrochemical, mining, refinery and fabrication industries.

leading inspection and asset integrity solutions provider

Dacon’s Specialised Services

The company is well-known for their quality inspection, testing and training services. These include:

Inspection Services

• APL Inspections

- API Tank Inspections
- API Vessel Inspections
- API Piping Inspections

• Conventional NDT

- Radiography Testing
- Ultrasonic Testing
- Penetrant Testing

• Advanced NDT

- Alternating Current (ACFM)
- Phased Array
- Time of Flight Diffraction
- Tube Inspection

Pipeline Services

• Ultrasonic Intelligent Pigging
• Geometric Caliper Pigging
• Pipeline Cleaning
• Pressure Testing

Asset Integrity

• Dacon Inspection Database
• Piping IDB Software
• Pipeline IDB Software
• Pressure Vessel IDB Software


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