Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Review On – Your Shop For Stylish Nursing And Maternity Clothes

Comfort is the priority of most pregnant women. This does not mean however that style and function should be ignored when choosing maternity and nursing clothes. And because this stage in every woman’s life passes like a breeze of time, it is but just to enjoy the moment and have fun while being fashionable.

If you are pregnant or nursing and you are looking for a beautiful maternity and nursing wear, The Milk & Love shop is the right place to go. This shop’s mission is to help women celebrate their pregnancy and breastfeeding moments by looking fabulous and amazing through the functional and stylish clothes that the store provides. Corryn, the founder says that while it is challenging to find stylish clothes that are made with natural fabrics, it is more rewarding being able to help mums find what they need at the very special time in their lives. Finding well designed and stylish clothes for mums has become her passion.  Milk & Love offers the following:

Maternity Clothes and Maternity Bottoms

The range of maternity wear here features super soft and durable fabrics from natural fibers such as bamboo and organic cotton. These maternity clothes are lightweight and stretchy as well and they flow beautifully over your bump. Among the best selling items to check are:
  • Lola Mae Maternity And Breastfeeding-Dress
  • Zahra Maternity & Breastfeeding Dress
  • Flamenco Wrap Breastfeeding And Maternity Dress
  • Coco Ono Breastfeeding & Maternity Top
  • Bandeau Maternity & Breastfeeding Dress


Breastfeeding Dresses and Breastfeeding Tops

For your peace of mind and comfort, the breastfeeding tops and dresses here are also made with natural fabrics. As a busy mom, you would love the easy wash care feature of these items. Most importantly, these clothes are designed with your breastfeeding ease in mind.  Some featured items to try are:
  • The Bestseller Britney Bubble Breastfeeding Tank
  • Slouchy Pleated Short Sleeve Breastfeeding Top
  • Must Have Wide Neck Breastfeeding Tank Top
  • Organic Breastfeeding Singlets
  • Kimono Shawl Nursing Wrap

More For Nursing Moms

  • Nursing Sleepwear – the shop has collection of nursing pyjamas that surely makes it easy for you to nurse while looking gorgeous and feeling so comfortable. The maternity and nursing chemise is a must try as well. The list also include maternity and nursing robe, bras, and underwears.
  • Jewellery and Accessories – the shop offers a range of stylish and functional belts, necklaces and bangles. These are great for transforming your everyday wardrobe.
  • Pre-loved – this collection is something you can look forward to as it gives you a more sustainable option.

Milk and Love has a complete collection of maternity and nursing clothes and accessories. Visit to view all the items.

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