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There are millions of beauty products to choose from in the market. With this huge number, how do you exactly pick which one to use? 

More than your goal to look your best, you would want a trusted and safe beauty product to use. The last thing you want is to damage your skin and to waste your money on something that will directly go into your trash. Before you go shopping, it is wise to turn to beauty blogs and read reviews or tips. 

Beauty Bloggers In Dubai

Beauty bloggers would be of great help as they usually share some tips and stories about a particular product. If there is a new makeup trend you are curious about, check The Beauty Banker blog. This beauty blog is owned by a fashion and beauty expert in Dubai. Hazel shares her real life experiences through this online resource. It is interesting to read how a particular lipstick, foundation, eye shadow, perfume, and other beauty collections made it through her beauty kit.

How This Beauty Blog Can Help You

Simple makeup tips – as you read about makeup stories on this site, you will also find a lot of makeup tips. You will discover easy to follow steps on how to put on your makeup. The site is your personal make-up artists, stylists, and insider experts on everything gorgeous. 

Her latest article on makeup products talks about blush sticks or cheeks sticks. Hazel thinks that you should own at least one blush stick for the sake of convenience and easy application, whatever brand you think is best for you. Her Blush Stick Addiction post compares two of the most popular brands, Dior and Chanel.

Skincare tips – This blog is rich on tips about having soft, smooth brighter and clearer skin. If you are excited to use new skin care products trending in the market, you may want to check The Beauty Banker first. Heard about Oxygen Care Moisturizer And Radiance Booster?

Product discounts – aside from giving you a heads up by mentioning the price of the product, you can also get discounts using the promo codes provided on the website in case you will be interested in buying one.

The Beauty Banker – Among The Top Fashion Blogs In Dubai

The Diary of a Beauty Banker is among the top fashion blogs in Dubai. The website has the best trends and products information you would want to know about fashion, fragrance, lifestyle, makeup, random, and skincare. 

Read more reviews here or visit the site to find the answers to your beauty and lifestyle questions. 

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