Monday, December 14, 2015

Calvert Investment Counsel: The Leading Provider Of Professional Wealth And Financial Management Services In Maryland

leading investment consultancy company in Maryland

Nobody can predict the future. But whatever the future brings, you can always prepare for it. And you can start doing so by having a good and workable financial plan.

To come up with a good financial plan and follow it through, you can always consider getting help from a trusted financial and wealth management advisor. Proper financial planning has the power to significantly transform your life by reducing worries and stress and by establishing a workable path to your goals and dreams. And since this is such an important task, you need to work with the right partner through the whole process. 

trusted investment consultancy company in Maryland

About Calvert Investment Counsel

In Maryland, one of the most established and highly-regarded providers of professional financial planning and wealth management services is Calvert Investment Counsel. The company was founded in 1988 by E. Kingdon Hurlock, Jr., also the firm’s current principal. Since then, Calvert Investment Counsel has remained an independent, trusted fee-based registered investment advisor headquartered in Baltimore.

The company provides wealth and investment management services for serious investors, both individuals and institutions. Calvert is dedicated to helping discerning clients who want to marry modern technology with a compatible philosophy, comprehensive planning and sound disciplines.

The main office of Calvert Investment Counsel is located at 4 North Park Drive, Suite 201, Hunt Valley, Maryland.

reputable investment consultancy company in Maryland

Calvert Investment Counsel’s Services

As already mentioned, Calvert Investment Counsel offers their professional services to both individuals and organizations. For individuals, their specialized services include:

- Financial and Retirement Planning
- Estate Planning
- Investment Management
- Trust Services through National Advisors Trust
- Insurance Planning
- Accounting and Tax Planning Services
- Philanthropy

For organizations or institutions, they offer their professional services in:

- Endowments
- Wealth Management
- Investment Management

Calvert Investment Counsel is known for working with charitable foundations and retirement plan sponsors.

You can learn more about the various financial planning and wealth management services Calvert Investment Counsel offers on their website.

Why You Should Work With Calvert Investment Counsel

The management and team of Calvert Investment Counsel have over 80 years of combined investment experience. As such, they draw upon extensive background knowledge in economics, securities analysis, trust administration, portfolio management, and financial planning gained prior to and after the founding of Calvert, which they use to help all their clients.

They combine a comprehensive and customized array of financial planning and other wealth management resources with their Multi-Dimensional Investment Platform to make sure that they satisfy the individualized needs of a diverse clientele.

Calvert Investment Counsel’s main goal is to offer an outstanding level of personalized service and responsiveness to client needs. They prioritize the importance of frequent personal contact as the basis for both planning and accountability. Open communication is part and parcel of their services, to effectively foster and build client relationships. As such, Calvert Investment Counsel can make sure that they help you achieve your financial and wealth management goals every step of the way.

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