Thursday, December 3, 2015

What’s Behind The Well-known TheMakeover

Staying young and looking beautiful for a very long period of time is what every woman desire. From their hair style, makeups to the smallest details such as their accessories, everything needs to look perfect. It brings out the best of them and boosts their confidence. This is why women loves reading the latest fashion trends, makeup tips and other face and beauty tips online.

In the world of beauty, an endless supply of beauty tips and riles in keeping yourself look fabulous is readily available. From tips in styling your hair to the ingenious ways of fixing broken lipsticks, the more information or beauty tips you know, the better you’ll be able to face any kind of situation thrown at you with the best look possible.

Luckily, the internet has ample supply websites that offer resources that women can use to get ideas and inspiration from. Among these websites, one of the most reliable and widely known website is TheMakeoverMe.

About TheMakeover

TheMakeover is a website dedicated to providing every woman with resources and facts in maintaining a stunning beautiful look. The website is a dream site for fans who love fashion, makeup guides, entertainment and Hollywood fashion industry news as well as relationship guides.

Managed by Kotex, the website also includes online shopping for Kotex products such as KOTEX ULTRA Super Plus DUO, KOTEX ULTRA ULTRA NIGHT, KOTEX ULTRA Young, KOTEX MAXI Normal Wings and the newest addition in their collection; KOTEX LUX ULTRA THIN Normal Wings.

What’s Behind TheMakeover

Kotex is a well-known feminine hygiene brand introduced to the public in the early 20’s. Since then, the company has been catering to the majority of women by relentlessly providing the perfect range of pads in the market.

The Product: Kotex Pads

Kotex pads are developed unscented to avoid adding chemicals when using artificial fragrances. The pads are enveloped in specially designed pouch wraps that enables you to keep the pad clean before using it. And after nearly a century of introducing their product to the market, here is a list of reasons why Kotex pads remain one of the top providers till today:

  • Faster absorption, providing a better protection during the day. 
  • Comfort & protection together without any compromise. 
  • New shape for a better fit, more comfort and less risk of leakage. 
  • Cotton soft-like wings for a more comfortable feel around the thighs. 


TheMakeover site’s ( is mainly focused on providing high quality and up-to-date content that revolves within the category of:

• Your Makeover
• Entertainment
• Relationships
• Fashion
• Body and soul

To find out more about TheMakeover, click here.

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