Thursday, January 21, 2016

A Review About Life Smiles Dental Care

Knowing a dental clinic that you can truly trust with all your dental problems is such an advantage. It is actually very hard to find a reliable dental clinic these days that offer quality dental solutions that are safe and effective. Although there are a lot of options available, it is still hard to find one because you have to compare not only the expertise of the dentists but also their services and the rates.

About Life Smiles Dental Care

Life Smiles Dental Care is a known dental clinic in Phoenix, Arizona trusted by many locals and tourists alike. The expert dentists in Life Smiles Dental Care are known for their state of the art practice that keeps their patients satisfied with every service they provide. Life Smiles Dental Care has Doctors Paul Nielson, Joseph Santoro and Tim Schmidt. Each of these doctors have competent staff who helps them provide better experience to their patients.

Life Smiles Dental Care Services

What keeps Life Smiles Dental Care apart from any other dental clinics in the area is they provide the most advanced technology and techniques to ensure every patient gets the best service he/she deserves. These services include:

- Composite fillings
- Preventive care
- Bonding
- Periodontal therapy
- Full and partial dentures
- Crowns and bridges
- Six month Smiles braces
- Veneers
- Kids dentistry
- Zoom! Whitening

Aside from all these advanced dental solutions, Life Smiles Dental Care still provides the basic dental services such as:

- Dental exams and cleanings
- Implants
- Dentures
- Crowns
- Extractions
- Scaling and root planning

Contact Information

You can check out Life Smiles Dental Care’s office address through their website which also has their phone number and email address. You can also find the hours of operation and a map posted on their website. For appointment request, you can use the form provided in their website and expect to get a confirmation from their scheduling shortly.

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