Tuesday, January 12, 2016

MiaMily And HIPSTER: The Perfect Partner For Parents

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For most parents, finding the right and high quality products for their babies is a must. They usually do not have any qualms about spending a lot of cash on certain baby products as long as they can get assurance that these items are safe to use, durable, fully functional, and can provide comfort and convenience to both the child and parents.

Today, one of the must-have products families should have is a baby carrier. With this item, you can carry your baby without holding him or her with the use of your hands. With your arms and hands free, you can multitask or go about your other activities or chores. Using a baby carrier is also a great way to bond with your little one since with this, you get to keep your child close to you and safe. This item is ideal for keeping a baby where he or she would be happiest: close to your body where he or she can be comforted by your heartbeat.

The Right Type Of Baby Carrier
Not all types and brands of baby carriers are the same, though. They come in various designs, styles, and can be made of different materials. As such, it is important to make sure that you choose a baby carrier that is fully functional, safe, and will be helpful to both the child and parents.

reputable online supplier of high quality baby carriers

Introducing HIPSTER

One of the most innovative baby carriers in the market today is HIPSTER. HIPSTER is a new brand of baby carrier that was carefully designed with the convenience, comfort, and safety of both the child and parent in mind.

HIPSTER boasts of an ergonomic design that allows you to adopt and maintain a proper spinal posture whenever you carry your baby. With this carrier, you can carry your baby longer, more comfortably, and effortlessly.

This product was also designed by the manufacturers with the International Hip Dysplasia Institute's guidelines in mind. The final design and product highlights the brands priority, which is your baby’s safety and health. As such, HIPSTER provides a healthier and safer alternative than the conventional carriers.

Finally, HIPSTER offers 9 different baby carrying configurations. When you use this product, you can choose to have your baby face backward or forward or with one hand free while the other supports your baby. Whatever configuration you choose, you and your baby will always get equal weight distribution with no stress on your arms and you maintain a straight back.

leading online supplier of high quality baby carriers

About MiaMily

MiaMily is the brand behind HIPSTER. MiaMily, a Swiss brand, was co-founded by the husband and wife team of Alessandro and Cecilia. They are the proud parents of baby Mia, their precious little one who absolutely loves to be carried and stay close to them whether they are at home in Switzerland, or traveling around the world.

The couple decided to establish MiaMily since they are always searching for ways to simplify their lives as parents and to find ways to minimize any unnecessary frustrations that come with childrearing. They are also conscious of the fact that just because they want to be good parents, it shouldn’t mean that one has to sacrifice the design and aesthetics of a solid product.

Using their first-hand experience with their daughter, MiaMily aims to bring families high-end, quality, and ergonomic products that provide clever solutions for smart parents and babies.

To learn more about MiaMily and HIPSTER, visit this site.

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