Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Class Act – The Ideal Host Of Events In The UAE Today

Hosting an event to promote your brand can be hard, especially with the fact that there are lots of similar businesses in the industry these days. However, you can still be among the best in your industry if you get help from the experts. When it comes to event management, Class Act can be of help.

About Class Act

Class Act is an agency providing hospitality and entertainment which is of high standard; hence, they are the most ideal host of event in the UAE these days.

This agency was established in 2010. Indeed, they have made a name with a proven track record in event management. Both local and international companies have hired their services already. They highly emphasized that if you choose them to host your event, you are certain to receive excellent services at all times.

They already have accumulated invaluable experiences and have competent people who know each of their roles and how to go about them. All of the staff members work hand-in-hand for a common goal – to see the event succeed.

To continue providing excellent services, they enhance the staff’s performance by allowing them to continue learning. This way, productivity levels will increase and morales will always be high. Most importantly, customers will be provided with the best services.

What Do They Offer?

Customer Services – Their customer service representatives are hardworking, friendly, energetic, and professional. They provide everything from hostesses, promoters, ushers to merchandise teams, registrations teams, and ticketing teams.

Entertainers – Events must not be boring if you really want them to be successful. Of course, people want to be entertained. The best way you can do this is to hire the best entertainers in your area. Be aware that Class Act provides suitable entertainment options for any event and promotions in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the rest of UAE.

Models – They can provide you with models that will suit your needs. Their models have been featured in various publications, making them popular in the industry. Both their local and international models are experienced in all job types – from photo shoots to acting.

Brand Activation – This plays a very important role when it comes to increasing brand awareness. If you are going to launch a new product, your target clients won’t be able to recognize the name. But if your brand becomes well-recognized through promotions and consumers participating in ad strategies, trust will certainly be built and a positive perception will become viral. Be aware that Class Act offers innovative solutions so your brand message will reach your target audience. Also, they can develop cost-efficient strategies in order to boost your sales. They can help you with exhibition stand building, concept design, and brand awareness campaigns.

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