Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Mr. Michael H. Pham: A Houston-Based Seasoned Criminal Attorney At Law

trusted criminal attorney in Houston
Statistics show that the crime rate in the United States has once again increased last year. This is an unfortunate trend that seems to be happening in most states in this country. As such, more people are prone to be victims and even unwitting suspects of different types of crimes.

Being a victim of a crime can be devastating; being on the other side of the spectrum though, as a suspect, can also be distressing as well. This just goes to show that being involved in a crime is simply something that anyone would not want to happen to them.

Getting Help From A Criminal Lawyer

Being suspected of a crime, no matter how small or trivial it may be, is something that no one should take lightly. Even if you have not been advised to seek legal counsel, it would work to your advantage to do so. But you shouldn’t just get any lawyer; to make sure that you get the justice you deserve, you need to hire a seasoned criminal attorney.

reputable criminal attorney in Houston

About Attorney Michael H. Pham

One of the leading and most trusted attorneys at law in Houston that specializes in criminal defense is Michael H. Pham.

Mr. Pham graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics.  He then earned his Doctor of Jurisprudence from Texas Southern University Law School in Houston. Since getting his qualifications to practice law, Mr. Pham has been fully committed to providing the best criminal defense to people under investigation or facing prosecution for criminal related offenses in Houston, Texas.

Mr. Pham is licensed to practice in courts throughout Texas since he is a distinguished member of the Texas State Bar. His law office is located at 440 Louisiana St. #900, Houston, Texas.

seasoned criminal attorney in Houston

Practice Areas

Mr. Pham specializes in the following practice areas:

• Criminal Defense
• Drug Crimes
• DWI and DUI
• Theft Gun Crimes
• Hate Crimes
• Property Damage
• Assault and Battery
• Domestic Violence
• Sex Crimes
• White Collar Crimes
• Probation Violation
• Expungement or Expunction
• Non-Disclosure

What Makes Mr. Pham Stand Out

Mr. Pham is just one of a handful of lawyers who genuinely cares about his clients and will defend them as if he was representing a friend or family member. He will take as much time as he will to listen to your side and get to the core and will use his extensive knowledge, years of experience, and resources to best represent you.

Mr. Pham is committed to providing high quality and aggressive defense representation for each of his clients. He also works closely with all his clients to make sure that they are always aware of precisely what is happening from the beginning to the end of their case. With Mr. Pham, you can be assured that you will get an attorney who is fully dedicated to defending the rights, freedoms, and futures of all his clients.

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