Thursday, March 10, 2016

Getting The Perfect Body You Wanted With BodySmart

Many people these days really want to lose weight. For some, they want to lose weight to improve their quality of life while others want to improve their overall health and regain a sense of wellbeing. These among other reasons have made men and women look for better and safer ways to losing weight. In Dubai, a team of body-shaping experts are offering various innovative ways to people who want to have the perfect body they have always wanted.

About BodySmart

BodySmart was founded by Allison Pickford in May 2006 by opening the first dedicated HYPOXI studio in The Meadows Dubai. In February 2009, a second centre was opened in Umm Suqeim. The team started with three members, which has now increased to twenty staff. To keep the team updated and knowledgeable with the current trend, Allison ensures that they get regular health, nutrition and fitness courses administered by recognised training bodies. Every member of the BodySmart team is a trained professional who is passionate about the centre’s products, able to provide a comprehensive, effective and friendly service, and is truly dedicated to helping clients remain motivated to get the results they are aiming for.

What BodySmart Offers

The team aims to help their clients obtain the body they want without using invasive treatments or resorting to surgery. In the studios at the Meadows and Umm Suqeim, the following are being offered:

- LPG Lipomassage
- PowerPlate
- Personal Training
- Weight loss
- Nutritional advice
- Xen-Tan

Getting In Touch With BodySmart

It is worth noting that the options available can help in post cosmetic surgery by preventing the build-up of scar tissue in addition to shifting stubborn fat and cellulite deposits. And to suit clients’ fitness needs, BodySmart offers packages that have been created over time to ensure optimal performance and results. You can find out about the packages by visiting their website or you contact them by filling up the form in the contact page of the site.

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