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TS EXPORT: Your Reliable Source And Partner For Importing Trucks From Japan

trusted import and export company in Japan

Various organizations have different uses for trucks. In the health and safety area, trucks are key vehicles used by fire fighters. There are some types of trucks that are converted into ambulances as well. Manufacturing firms and suppliers have their fleet of trucks to deliver their products to buyers. Engineering and construction companies also rely on this type of vehicle to transport items or supplies they need from one place to another. Private and sanitary companies, of course, use trucks to haul and transport rubbish from residential and commercial areas to landfills or wherever these debris have to go. Lastly, trucks are used in towing vehicles and hence, towing and automotive companies have their own fleet as well.

Since trucks can be used in various applications, they are one of the vehicle types that require a lot of investment from interested purchasers. But aside from buying brand new ones, a more cost-effective option would be to buy and have them imported from overseas.

Where To Get High-Quality Imported Trucks

Japan is home to many of the most trusted and top-notch brands of trucks in the world today. Japanese brands of trucks have been proven to be durable, long-lasting, and truly reliable. They also have a wide range of options from in terms of size, engine type, price, and other specifications so you will surely be able to find a truck that suits your requirements.

leading import and export company in Japan

Importing Trucks From Japan

Importing trucks directly from Japan though can be a time-consuming and complicated process. If you plan on investing in and importing trucks from Japan, it would do well for you to get the assistance of a trusted export and import company.

TS EXPORT is one of the leading and reputable import and export companies based in Japan. The company was initially established as Tsuchiyama Sangyo in 1983, to provide specialised non-ferous and hardened ferous welding services.

In 2000, TS EXPORT was formally trademarked and began providing their expertise and services in the B2B import and export trade. Although it is a family-owned and operated business, the company has team members across different countries, including Australia, Russia, the Philippines, and in both North and South America. All these employees are highly-skilled in vehicle sourcing, purchasing, logistics, export documentation, dismantling, container packing, international shipping, and IT.

The main headquarters of TS EXPORT is located in Himeji, Japan.
reputable import and export company in Japan

Brands Of Trucks Imported By TS EXPORT

Below are the Japanese brands of trucks usually carried by and imported by TS EXPORT:

• Mazda
• Nissan
• Toyota
• Hino
• Fuso
• Isuzu
• Mitsubishi
• UD

TS EXPORT also specialises in importing Volvo and Mercedes trucks.

You can view a listing of used and brand new trucks from Japan on the website of TS EXPORT. Also, you can start the whole truck-buying and importing process on their website as well.

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