Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A Review On AquaSatch

This is the age when almost everyone has his or her own phone. Phones today are no longer limited to just for calling or sending messages. Most phones nowadays are already smartphones. You can use them when surfing the net, sending an email, taking a picture, doing some office tasks and even watching a movie and listening to your favorite song. Hence, most people cannot really live without their phones next to them even when going to the beach or a pool party. And because of this, it is a very smart idea to invest in a waterproof phone pouch.

About AquaSatch

AquaSatch is a waterproof phone pouch provider. The company understands just how important phones are to many people. They know that having access to your phone even when at the beach, in a pool, fishing, water rafting, camping or any other activity, is very important especially for emergency cases. Hence, they introduce a special pouch that is made specifically for the safety and protection of your phones.

The Features

AquaSatch phone pouches can actually accommodate almost all types of phones. Their features are the following:

- IPX8 certified. This means that the pouch is suitable for long hours in the water.
- Waterproof. You can use this up to 10 meters in the water and very durable.
- Large size. These pouches are big enough for any type of phone you have.
- Functional. You can still use your phone even when it is inside the pouch because it can still be touch sensitive.

The good thing about these waterproof phone pouches is they come in many different colors. You can choose any color that you want with the same quality and functionality. There’s black, orange, pink, blue, purple, yellow, green and the clear one.

Contact Information

If you are interested in getting these pouches for your phone, you can contact AquaSatch through their email. Use the contact form provided and expect to get a reply within 24 hours. AquaSatch also ships orders with affordable shipping rates depending on the number of items you ordered. They have regular shipping, express shipping and even international shipping to the US and New Zealand.

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