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Xceleration Fitness And Gym Pros: The Leading Online Supplier Of Refurbished Cybex Fitness Equipment

leading online supplier of high quality Cybex fitness equipment
If you plan on setting up and running a commercial gym, you need to have a variety of fitness or exercise equipment. The availability of various exercise machines you have in your gym would be the main draw of your business. The more functional and versatile workout equipment you have in your gym, the more appealing it will be to fitness buffs.

Treadmills, ellipticals, and cross trainers are just some of the staple types of fitness equipment that all gyms should have. These exercise machines provide great cardio and strength-building workouts.

Cybex: A Well-Known Brand Of Treadmills And Elliptical Trainers
Cybex is one of the leading manufacturers and brands of top-notch strength training and cardio training machines. The company was founded in the late 1960s by the Cybex Ergometer Company. The company first manufactured isokinetic rehabilitation equipment.

Cybex merged with Trotter, Inc., a manufacturer of treadmills, in May 1997. The following year, Cybex acquired Tectrix, a California-based manufacturer of primarily bikes and steppers. In 2001, Cybex acquired Forza, a UK-based company.

trusted online supplier of high quality Cybex fitness equipment

Where To Get Your Cybex Fitness Equipment
Due to their amazing quality, most types of Cybex fitness machines are quite expensive. However, there is no question that having them in a gym can be valuable investments that can guarantee good ROIs. The good news is that you can purchase high quality refurbished Cybex fitness equipment at affordable prices. One of the companies that supply top-notch refurbished Cybex exercise machines at low prices is Xceleration Fitness and Gym Pros.

Xceleration Fitness and Gym Pros was established in 2003. During this time, they began selling high quality fitness equipment in Southern California. They expanded in the recent years and have are now supplying fitness equipment nationwide.

The company sells high quality refurbished fitness equipment. They supply their equipment to consumers who intend to use these machines at home and for use in commercial gyms, fitness centers in hotels, schools, and other establishments.
reputable online supplier of high quality Cybex fitness equipment

Cybex Fitness Equipment You Can Get From Xceleration Fitness And Gym Pros

Below are the types of Cybex fitness equipment you can currently get from Xceleration Fitness and Gym Pros:

• Cybex 530T Treadmill
• Cybex 610A Cross Trainer
• Cybex 750A Arc Trainer
• Cybex 600A Arc Trainer
• Cybex 620 Arc Trainer
• Cybex 750AT Arc Trainer

You have the option of investing in serviced and cleaned equipment or one that is refurbished and which comes with a 6-month warranty. 

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