Monday, May 23, 2016


When it comes to home improvement pieces, most people really want a personalized or customized design. Although there is also beauty in common and popular designs and styles, still, some homeowners desire for home items that will remind them of someone or something and will create that “feel-at-home” ambiance. IF you are among these people, it is nice to know that you can actually find an online store that offers unique home items that are hand-made and inspired by beauty and comfort. 


SHIMHA LIFESTYLE is an online shop that was born out of the owner’s passion in making home pieces by hand. The designs are inspired by the traditional Bali home with Aztec and tribal prints. The owner loves soft whites and everything feminine and so this love sows in her handmade creations. SHIMHA LIFESTYLE boasts of items that are not only quality but made with passion that involves time and commitment. The items you can find from SHIMHA LIFESTYLE all tell a story. So if you have bought something, it is not just a plain home piece but a masterpiece which will evolve over time.


SHIMHA LIFESTYLE is known for its handmade cushions and throws. However, the shop also offers many other items that are handmade. Check them out below:

- Cushions
- Throws
- Hammocks
- Bed nets
- Wall hangings
- Crochet blankets
- Bags
- Accessories
- Jewellery

All these items are available online and SHIMHA LIFESTYLE offers free shipping for orders above $200. This is actually a huge savings especially if you are planning to purchase more than one item from the shop. You can either order items for yourself or as a gift to others during special occasions.

Contact Information

To check out more about SHIMHA LIFESTYLE, you can visit their website which also has the information you need such as their phone number and email address. They also have a contact form that you can use for your questions and queries. 

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