Monday, May 2, 2016

Active Crane Hire – The Best Provider Of Crane Hire Services Today

There are indeed a lot of health and safety risks in the construction industry. Getting the right equipment and work crew is very important to minimize such risks. Among the most beneficial pieces of equipment you need to invest in if you have a construction business is a tower crane. Active Crane Hire can be your best partner.

About Active Crane Hire

Active Crane Hire has been around for quite a while. Every year, they meet the increasing demand from construction companies to supply remote controlled Potain City Cranes and remote controlled Potain Self-Erecting Cranes. They service all major market segments of the building industry and is providing cranes to projects that are doable for just a few weeks up to projects which can span for years.

The remote controlled Potain Self-Erecting Cranes service the residential construction market from high profile waterfront family homes to 6-story multi-unit apartment buildings. These days, they do not just supply remote controlled Potain Cranes but likewise offer other associated crane related services.

New Crane Hire And Sales

Self-Erecting Tower Cranes are suitable for construction sites which are of a short duration and require frequent to infrequent operations. They are very simple to use. For companies expecting to build private houses and small to medium residential building up to 6 stories high, these construction machines can be very beneficial. Disruption and stress imposed on the local residential environment are reduced because of its emission-free and quiet electric operation. You can choose a model in their list for more information.

Crane Accessories

Cranes will be used to lift materials and objects of different shapes and kinds. To successfully lift these objects economically and safely, there is a wide range of lifting accessories you can choose form to help the Crane Operator and Dogman. Some of the accessories Active Crane Hire offers will include brick cages, block cage, man box, mono prop, rubbish bin, rescue cage, and concrete kibble.

Moreover, they have developed a propping system that can be used to install their cranes on suspended concrete slabs. All of the crane accessories they have are for hire or sale.

Services They Offer

  • Site Planning – They will help you with this as rules are changing on a constant basis.
  • Base Engineering – This is to support the crane, which is very critical for safety.
  • Installation – Active Crane Hire perform installation in-house.
  • Maintenance – Their team has been trained by the manufacturers to provide the right maintenance services.
  • Operator Training – They provide training as well as induction in safe use and operation of all cranes.

They further emphasized that they take their job very seriously as the safety of your team along with the success of your project are the key to their on-going success. Learn more about them at

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