Monday, June 13, 2016

Geoff Duffell And The Services He Provides

It is must for every business today to have an online portal where they can find more customers and level up with their competitors. A good website can do a lot especially for small businesses that are still starting up. However, it can sometimes be a little challenging to put up a business website that will surely catch interest from your target audience. There are a lot of websites these days that do not actually serve their purpose mainly because they lack that special factor that catches the interests of site visitors.

About Geoff Duffell

Geoff Duffell is an expert in wen design. He runs a web design studio all by himself in Churchill, Latrobe Valley. He used to provide other IT services but as for the moment his focus in on websites and internet.

Geoff Duffell was a school teacher before he started doing website design. Because of his glandular fever, he could no longer continue teaching and so that’s the time he started to learn about digital art and design. He took some courses and played with websites. Soon after, he discovered that he can actually use his new-found skill and knowledge in website design to help others who find it a challenge.

What He Offers

Geoff Duffell learned that having a website is not enough to be effective in marketing your business. It has to be effective and attention-catcher. And so, he sees to it that his customers get a Google-friendly website with a commanding presence in the local area. Thus, this is how his service goes:

- Creating a map. This is to ensure that you website will be customised for the type of business you have and get positive results.

- Providing full or partial support for site content. This already includes assistance with internet marketing using effective content.

- Training in using your site. Once your website in handed over to you, you will still get the help and support you need in order to run it effectively. This way, you will be able to maximize your investment in the service he provides.

Contact Information

For those who are interested in the services that Geoff Duffell provides, he has a website where you can check all the details you need. It contains his phone number, his office address and a contact form where you can send your questions and inquiries.

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