Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Think Fish: The Most Complete And Modern Aquatic Retail Store In Dubai

leading aquatic retail store in Dubai
An aquarium can add greatly to the interior design of any residential or commercial property. As such, it is one of the features that a lot of property owners have no qualms about investing in and maintaining.

But aside from being an additional charming and attractive home feature, an aquarium offers several health benefits, too. These include the following:

• It can help reduce stress and anxiety
• It provides relief to people suffering from high blood pressure
• It helps people with insomnia and those with chronic illness
• It has been proven to help calm children with behavioural or psychological problems and even crying infants

Having and maintaining an aquarium is definitely an effective and great stress management activity to have at home. It is a hobby worth getting into as well due to the many health benefits it offers.

biggest aquatic retail store in Dubai

Where To Get Everything You Need To Start And Maintain An Aquarium In Dubai

If you’re looking to have an aquarium in your home, office, or even in your business premises, you will find everything you need to start and maintain one in the largest and most complete aquatic retail space in Dubai: Think Fish.

Think Fish was established in 2013 by its owner, marine biologist Charlie Smillie. Charlie is a professional aquarist who wanted to turn his vision of opening a fresh and contemporary aquatic company offering a modern take on aquarium retail, bespoke installations and professional maintenance solutions for hobbyists into reality.  He achieved this goal when Think Fish started its operations.

Think Fish’s flag ship store covers 3,000 sq.ft. of space. As such, it is the largest dedicated aquatic retail space in the UAE. One of the main goals of this aquatic retail shop is to provide a clean modern retail space with the largest range of aquarium products available in the region. At present, the company offers the biggest selection of both fresh and salt water fish from their state of the art holding system, which boasts of a total capacity of 20,000 litres.

The success of Think Fish relies greatly on the company’s innovate vision, its great team, and their customers who appreciate what they do and share their passion.

Think Fish’s store is located at Unit 6 Dar Global Showroom, Dubai Investment Park 1, Green Community, Dubai.

a complete aquatic retail store in Dubai


Think Fish is the largest retailer of a wide range of aquarium supplies and products, which include:

• Aquariums and terrariums
• Additives and conditioners
• Aquascaping decors and supplies
• Equipment
• Live plants
• Fish food
• Plant care products
• Medications


Think Fish specialises in bespoke aquarium design and installation. They expertly handle everything from design to fabrication, installation and maintenance. The team will work with you every step of the way so that you can have your dream aquarium, in your home, office or business space.

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