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QLD Blinds & Security: Your One-Stop Shop For Doors, Security Screens, And Window Furnishings

Complete retail shop for security doors, screens, and window furnishings
Doors and windows are staple fixtures of any home, offices, and most types of buildings and establishments. These fixtures are usually made of wood or steel and follow a generic design or style. Property owners who want to enhance the look and improve the level of privacy and security of their home or building however will divert from the usual materials and style and opt for fixtures that can help them achieve these goals.

QLD Blinds & Security

Property owners based in the Gold Coast and Southern part of Brisbane who want to have doors and windows that are made of top-grade materials and have appealing designs can rely on the products and services offered by QLD Blinds & Security.

QLD Blinds & Security Building has been in the business of providing homes with window furnishings, doors, and security screens for more than 20 years now.  They are considered one of the market leaders in terms of window treatments, doors, screens, and other related products. 

trusted retail shop for security doors, screens, and window furnishings


Their line-up of products includes the following:

Stainless steel security doors

The company’s security screens are made from a woven stainless steel mesh and offer high level security without obstructing your views. They can be used as or for:

• Fixed and sliding windows
• Hinged and sliding doors
• Shop fronts
• Casement, awning and double hung windows
• Cyclone screens
• Pet doors
• Outdoor room extensions

They also offer the Diamond Grille Security, an additional feature that can act as visual and physical deterrent which can further protect a property’s doors and windows.


Their products include:

• Roller blinds
• Motorised blinds
• Venetian blinds
• Vertical blinds
• Panel glides


The company is known for designing and building custom made insect and security enclosures for your outdoor areas, such as patios, verandas, and balconies. The screens can be done using insect screen or stainless steel security mesh.

Pet doors

Give your pets freedom to go in and out your home. QLD Blinds & Security’s pet doors come in small, medium, and large sizes for their flaps.

Get more details about these products by visiting QLD Blinds & Security’s website.

Why Choose QLD Blinds & Security

QLD Blinds & Security offers a wide range of products to choose from. As such, whether you are having your home or building built or want to renovate it, you will have a wide range of window, door, and security-related products to choose from by checking out the line-up of QLD Blinds & Security.

Their sales consultants also have in-depth product knowledge of all their products and can offer you stylish and affordable solutions suitable for your home or workplace. They will not hesitate to visit your premises as well to make better recommendations. What’s more, once you have ordered your products, the expert team of QLD Blinds & Security will install your order. Their installation team will also demonstrate the proper care and use of your product.

If you want to boost the appeal, privacy, and security in your property, you can start by investing in the products and services of QLD Blinds & Security.

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