Saturday, September 24, 2016

A Website Review for Emdiworld.Ae – The Number 1 Media and Communication Institute Providing Jobs and Internships for Students

One of the most crucial things to consider when taking up a course is your future job.  Before enrolling, you should already have in mind the kind of job you want to have and the company or at least the industry you want to work with. After finishing your course, will you be able to get your dream job with your dream company?  

With the stiff competition among graduates these days, it can be very difficult to find a job and so much more difficult to land a job of your dream.  So before making your final decision, ask yourself – will there be a job waiting for me after finishing this course?

At  EMDI Institute of Media & Communication, the answer is YES! Jobs come to their students because they make every student job ready from the very beginning.

What is EMDI?

It is an Event Management Development Institute that started in Mumbai in 2002. They expanded every year from then on to different parts of the world including Bangalore, Pune, Delhi, Uganda, and Dubai.  It is now known as the most unique institute of media and communication. Watch the video here for more info.

They offer major courses in Event, Advertising, Media & PR, and Wedding Planning. Whether you want to consider courses in advertising or just wanted to get an event planning certification, EMDI Institute provide thousand of internships and impeccable job placement assistance to its students.  In fact, when you visit their website at , you will find a list of some of the events students worked on while  studying at the institute. Every year, they work with more than hundreds of events in a variety of different roles and each student works on an average of 20 events as part of their training. One student has even recorded working on a total of 91 events!

Students at EMDI have greater edge because the institute is one of the most unique not only in terms of job placements and live internships but also in their network of professionals as faculty, student development programs, video and online learning systems, in-house activities for socialization and personal development, transfer approach to learning, and global presence.

EMDI has 3 country selectors on their website – Dubai, India, and Uganda.  You may contact them through phone or you may submit your details through their Contact Us Page and they will be reaching you.

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