Sunday, November 20, 2016

Alpha Suit: The Top Provider Of Affordable High Quality Custom Made Suits In Chicago

Leading custom clothing company in Chicago
Custom suits are all the rage today. A lot of men are choosing to have their shirts and suits customized for a variety of reasons. For one, you can have your shirt and suit created exactly to your needs and wants. They will come in the color you want and their size and fit will be perfect for your body. This saves you a lot of time in looking for that ideal outfit online or on various brick-and-mortar shops. After all, just like with all the other millions of shoppers out there, you probably spend hours looking for and choosing the right attire that meets all your requirements.

Another advantage that comes with going for custom shirts and suits is that you have a say in everything. From the choice of clothing material, the stitches, pattern and style, you will definitely get the outfit that has eluded you for years.

reputable custom clothing company in Chicago

About Alpha Suit

Once you have made the decision to invest in bespoke suits and shirts, the next step to take is to find a company that offers services in customizing men’s outfits that are of great quality and affordable, too. Chicago locals can find all of these in one brand: Alpha Suit.

Alpha Suit is the brainchild of Sean McKee, one of North America’s most in-demand and talented clothiers. He has helped dressed some of the country’s wealthiest and successful men for their various needs and different occasions by providing them with custom made or bespoke suits, shirts, and sport coats.

Sean established Alpha Suit with one goal in mind: to provide young professionals with high-quality custom suits and shirts at lower prices.

top provider of affordable custom-made clothes in Chicago

Pop-Up Events

To start the process of getting top-notch custom-made suits and shirts, you will need to sign up for or join a “Pop-Up Event”. This is essentially a group measuring and shopping event that can take place in your office or business premises, a hotel conference room, a retail location, or even in your home. Through these events, Sean will be able to work with multiple customers at once and this, in turn, increases volume and greatly reduces his expenses.

Because of the reduction of his expenses, customers will get top-rate custom-made suits and shirts that are 60 to 70% lower in price than what other bespoke clothing companies offer.

Alpha Suit’s Chicago Showroom

In case you can’t organize or join a Pop-Up Event, you can still get the perfect suit or shirt for your work or business or for a special occasion by scheduling an appointment at Alpha Suit’s Chicago showroom. When you visit their showroom, you will be able to purchase clothing at the same group pricing with no minimum purchases.

Alpha Suit’s Chicago showroom is located at 320 W Ohio St Suite 3W, Chicago, IL.

Visit Alpha Suit’s website to learn more about their tailoring and clothing services.

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