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Hero Health & Fitness: Helping You Achieve A Superhero Body

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Having a personal trainer is a popular by-word of Hollywood, sports, and fashion celebrities. These personalities usually need the assistance of these fitness experts when they have to buff up for a movie or TV role, an upcoming game or competition, or a fashion event.

And due to the popularity of superhero-themed movies and TV shows today, a lot of people (and not just celebrities) are looking for ways to have a body similar to their favourite hero. Because of this trend, one personal training studio and gym in Bromley has decided to amp up the ante and help people who want to have a healthier and fitter body and the right attitude to gain this goal: Hero Health & Fitness.

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About Hero Health & Fitness

Hero Health & Fitness was founded by Abhi Gupta. Aside from being the owner and head of this fitness studio, Abhi is also one of its personal trainers.

Abhi’s goal in establishing Hero Health & Fitness is to create superheroes. This PT studio’s primary aim is to help individuals be fitter, stronger, and healthier so that they have the strength, skills, and will to fight villains and deal with all the challenges heroes have to face on a daily basis.

Hero Health & Fitness does not offer traditional personal training programmes. Their fitness and training solutions will enable you to feel challenged all the time. As such, under their programme, you will have to follow all their exercise and nutrition guidelines, be determined, keep a positive disposition, and commit the right amount of time and energy to your health and body.

Hero Health & Fitness’ private PT studio is located in Flamingo Park, Chislehurst, Kent.  They offer their services to fitness seekers residing in Bromley, Bexley, Sidcup, Chislehurst, Orpington, and nearby areas.
top-notch PT studio in Kent

Offered Programmes And Services

Hero Health & Fitness offers the following superhero-themed workout and training programmes:

• Alpha Man (fat loss programme for men)
• Captain Iron (muscle and strength building programme for men)
• Super Mum (fat loss programme for busy mums)
• Ms. Meltdown (radical fat loss programme for women)

This PT studio also offers a free transformation session for new clients. This service covers:

• Weight and body fat assessment
• Health and fitness evaluation
• Nutrition assessment
• Personalised one-to-one training session
• A take away personalised nutrition plan to take away
• Goal assessment plan
• 5 step action plan

You can get more details about these fitness programmes at Hero Health & Fitness’ website.

Reasons To Choose Hero Health & Fitness

Hero Health & Fitness offers only premium training programmes – all methods have been scientifically tested and proven effective and safe, too. Whatever programme you choose, you can be sure that you have a seasoned and qualified personal trainer guiding and motivating you all the way. Your trainer will also provide you with a tailor-made diet plan that will also help you have a healthier body and lifestyle. Lastly, the programmes of Hero Health & Fitness are all designed to help you have a more positive mindset and behaviour so that you can start feeling healthier and better inside and out.

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