Saturday, November 26, 2016

VOS - Envisioning Building Structures Out Of Creative Concepts

Change is indeed inevitable; however, transformation is a conscious choice. As people evolve, so should design. Hence, VOS aspires to come up with building and infrastructures that will take architecture to a completely new level, enhancing the art of building homes and structures.

About VOS

VOS is a team with more than just architects and interior designers but a team of innovators and dreamers. Their aim is not just to assemble buildings with the most modern designs and aesthetic perfection. Rather, they also put their hearts into their work so they can yield structures that will echo across the area of architecture. They actually turn their imagination into every project they sign up for. They are very dedicated to raise the bar of interior designing, planning, architecture and landscaping through their talented staff.

Moreover, they focus on the cultural context of their projects. They create structures of optimal function and magnificence. Most importantly, they deliver unique spaces that will boost people’s experience and change their perspective when it comes to architecture.

Services They Offer

Project Management – Each project will have a dedicated project manager who will coordinate between the client, their engineers and design team. The project manager will also oversee all aspects of the design and construction process and will keep the client updated with each stage of the entire process.

Master Planning – The first step to master planning is finding the ideal location for the occupants. They provide a dedicated team of landscape architects, planners, and urban designers in order to fulfil the projects planning and designing.

Procurement – They handle furnishing and fixture selections, along with specifications furniture installation and coordination.

Commercial Interiors – They have commercial interior designers who will provide the process of creating as well as overseeing the construction of a space. They will help in selecting the best building materials, layout and placement of interior walls, power and plumbing systems, and will coordinate the communications between the professionals, service providers, and owners.

Interior Architecture And Design – Their goal is to create value as well as enhance the quality of life of their clients. They offer professional services to their clients by providing the design and construction of the interiors and physical features of the building.

Architectural Design – All of their designs rotate around the needs of the client, and with their expert team of architects, interior designers, and graphic designers.

Landscape Architecture Design – Details integrated in a project, regardless of whether it is in the landscape or the garden, will define the landscape architecture. The usefulness and attractiveness of the design will reflect the skills of their architects in planning and designing.

How They Work

  1. Consultation – During this phase, their team will suggest design ideas that can help you in selecting the best look for your future building, landscape or residential space. Identification of the type of design you want for your property happens in this stage as well.
  2. Concept Design – Their team of expert interior designers, architects, and engineers will work together to produce remarkable designs for your project. They will provide creativity to their designs and consider practicality and function.
  3. Detail Design – They will give life to what used to be a formless design concept. Also, they will make it a point that all the projects they manage will have the right materials and safety protocols.
  4. Project Management – They are equipped with skilled project managers who will monitor each progress. They will also report issues about the project immediately to you in order to mitigate the problems.
  5. Handover – When the project gets completed, they will turn over everything to you. They make sure that you will know how to operate as well as maintain all elements.

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