Tuesday, December 13, 2016

AquaCert - Testing Water Samples For The Presence Of Legionella Bacteria

Ensure the safety of your water by investing in reliable water testing kits. AquaCert can help you when it comes to testing for Legionella bacteria. For more than 20 years, they have already been operating throughout the Europe, UK and the Middle East.

More About AquaCert

AquaCert is at the forefront of technology and innovation that they use in order to provide simple yet efficient solutions to water quality. They analyse water for all types of bacteria in care homes, hospitals, commercial, industrial and leisure buildings.

What's good about them is that they always make time to explain what each result means. For the past several years, their surveys show that about 100% of their customers are very pleased to recommend them; hence, AquaCert wants to maintain such kind of standard. They actually have engineers and chemists with specialist knowledge regarding building water services. Most importantly, they are very committed to quality. In fact, they hold ISO 9001 and 1001 accreditation.

Bear in mind though that AquaCert is not only a Legionella testing company. They specialize in Legionella testing kits and are the longest serving and most trusted provider in the UK. But aside from that, they also offer many more testing kits and services.

Products And Services AquaCert Offers

Legionella Water Testing Kits - These testing kits are of the highest quaity and are meant to make the process as quick, simple and cheap as possible for you. All of the analysis is undertaken at their UKAS accredited laboratories by experts. You just have to collect a sample - the courier will pick it from you. The test results will be given to you as soon as possible.

E-Learning Training Courses – All their one-on-one tutor led e-learning courses are packed with all the significant information your employee need in order to keep your business safe and compliant. All courses is modular; thus, they can be undertaken in small time slots. You can actually view the first module of any course for free.

Chemicals – They offer Shower Head Plus and Showerhead Plus Gel. The Shower Head Plus has been proven efficient against Legionella. You can actually use it again and again. Change it if it already turns to green or blue colour. The Showerhead Plus Gel, on the other hand, is an acid based descaling gel that is best for direct application through the use of a brush on shower heads, sanitary ware, and plumbing fittings. Since it contains a mild acid, it must not be combined with other products like hypochlorite solutions.

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