Sunday, December 4, 2016

Knowing More About The Services Provided By Christina Scalera

When it comes to starting a new business, many people often take for granted one of the most important things to take care of first which is drafting a business contract. There are a lot of businesses that actually had a good start but because they did not take care of this one very important factor, they ended up losing their most treasured business. Having a goal without a plan is actually just a wish according to Christina Scalera, a lawyer who practices her profession by helping business owners create or draft a business contract or agreement especially women.

About Christina Scalera

Christina Scalera is a lawyer but she calls herself not a normal lawyer since she provides services that are not really that suitable for her title. However, the services she provides are somehow connected to her being a lawyer. She once had a legal job at a corporation and was in charge of things such as drafting cease and desist letters, registering trademarks, and researching ways around patent infringement. She also wrote licensing agreements, model releases and the like. However, she felt that she needed to do more. And so, she started this awesome business of helping people especially the new ones in business to draft business contracts.

Her Goals

Christina Scalera aims to provide valuable easy-to-grasp legal information for free. She also aims to provide solutions to help people especially those who are creative ladies on a budget and approach their concerns to make sure they are addressed. As a creative person herself, she always wants to help other people be more creative and use it for the benefit of their business.

Get A Trademark

If you are looking to get a trademark for your business, Christina Scalera can also help you with this. Understand first that a trademark is very important to establish the authority of your business. It can be a short phrase, a logo, a name, a tagline or a design. You can choose whatever you like just as long as it does not belong to anyone else’s yet.  With this, you can secure your right and your business’ right.

Christina Scalera Caters To The Following Stores

Among the businesses or stores that Christina Scalera caters to or provides services to are the following:

- Coaches
- Consultants
- Designers
- Photography businesses
- General businesses
- Wedding focused businesses
- All products

Contact Information

You can get in touch with Christina Scalera and know more about the services she provides by checking out her website. It also contains information such as her phone number and email address. You can also opt to use the contact form provided for your questions.

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