Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Making Smart Investments In Japanese Cars With The Help Of TS EXPORT

Leading automotive import and export company in Japan
In the automotive industry, Japanese car manufacturers have always been held in high esteem. These brands are always well-known in terms of great quality, advanced technology, and safety in all the vehicles they introduce in the market. In addition, the design and look of nearly all Japanese cars are always impressive: whether they come in classic or avant garde styles, they will surely leave people captivated.

If you’re also in the market for one or more used or brand new Japanese cars, you can start the whole purchasing process by visiting the website of import and export company. With this option, you will enjoy a lot of benefits, foremost of which is getting the best Japanese-made vehicles you are looking for.

Japanese Cars You Can Own With The Assistance Of An Import And Export Company

When you’re ready to invest in Japanese vehicles but still undecided as to which specific model to go with, it would best to know the different brands first. These are:
trusted  automotive import and export company in Japan
• Toyota
• Honda
• Mitsubishi
• Nissan
• Mazda
• Subaru
• Lexus
• Isuzu
• Suzuki
• Mitsuoka
• Eunos
• Daihatsu
• Japanese Ford

These Japanese brands offer a variety of models or vehicle types as well which include:

• Sedans
• Compact cars
• Luxury cars
• Sports car
• SUVs
• Classic cars
reputable automotive import and export company in Japan

Working With TS EXPORT

To get the Japanese cars you want straight from Japan, you need to partner with a trusted and established import and export company. One of the most reputable companies that specialise in this service is TS EXPORT.

TS EXPORT has been in the business of import and export for over 30 years now. As such, they are one of the most highly-regarded names in this industry. Aside from years of experience, TS EXPORT is known for their wide range of stock of vehicles and parts, best selection of stocks, price transparency, and easy to understand billing system. You can rely on their assistance from start to finish of the whole purchasing process: from finding the Japanese vehicle you are looking for to having this shipped to your location.

Importing Vehicles With The Help Of TS EXPORT

To get your car from Japan, you have to request an Information Pack from TS EXPORT first. You can do this by visiting their website. Once you have this, you will have to set up your trading account. The representatives of TS EXPORT can help you with this as well. When you have decided on the vehicle or vehicles to get, you have to pay the supplier and provider of trucking services. After which, you will have to finalise the accounts, monitor the shipping status, and accept the delivery. Make sure that before the shipment arrives, you have all the documents you need to present to the customs authorities and make arrangements for the collection of your shipment.

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