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SSG Recruitment Ltd.: Providing Full Business Support Solutions To Recruiters

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Most rank and file HR employees have the big goal of opening their own recruitment business one day. With this dream, they have the opportunity to think outside the box in terms of practicing their profession. They will also be able to have their own say and implement their preferred strategies in recruiting and other areas of the business.

Unfortunately, not all HR professionals will be able to follow and realise this dream. They will encounter different issues and challenges that will force them to postpone working on reaching this goal. Most of the time, they also lack the right amount and quality of support to enable them to turn their dream into reality. 

trusted consultancy firm for recruitment companies

Recruitment Business Consultancy Firms

HR and recruitment professionals that have plans of setting up their own business but don’t know where and how to start will benefit greatly from the guidance and assistance of the right consultancy firm. SSG Recruitment Ltd. is one of these consultancy companies that specialises in helping recruiters make the transition from employees to full-pledged entrepreneurs.

SSG Recruitment Ltd. is the brainchild of David Jones, Darren Hulbert, and Chris Ion. In 2003, they decided to establish a group that provides services to recruiters. Their first office was located in Chesham.

When the company started to experience a rapid growth in 2005, they moved to their current premises located in Dower House, Berkhamsted. In 2014, they reached an amazing milestone: they launched their 200th recruitment business. At present, the team of SSG Recruitment Ltd. has no plans of slowing down and continues to provide their specialised services and solutions to recruiters who have plans of starting and managing their own recruitment business.

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An Overview Of Their Services

SSG Recruitment Ltd. provides their services in two key stages in setting up and managing a recruitment business: the Launch and On-going Support.

Stage 1: The Launch

This pertains to all areas and processes involved in and that needs to be prioritised in during the initial stages of opening a recruitment company.

Their offered support and services cover the following:

• Legal and Compliance
• Creative Branding
• Resource Allocations
• Creation and Preparation of Accounting Templates

Stage 2: On-going Support

Once you recruitment business takes off, to sustain its success, you may still require some assistance in certain elements and areas. SSG Recruitment Ltd. offers their services in the following:

• Recruitment
• Back Office
• Business

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