Monday, May 29, 2017

12000 Francs: A Modern European Wine Bar And Restaurant In Hong Kong

They are one of the modern European wine bar and restaurant in SoHo, Central. Stop by and relax with a glass of wine with your family and friends. Indeed, 12,000 Francs is one of the best casual and group dining restaurants you can visit in Hong Kong today.

About 12000 Francs

12000 Francs is a cutting-edge restaurant in the heart of multicultural SoHo. They focus on food preservation and presenting the best European cuisine, but with a modern twist. 12000 Francs is designed to become a welcoming eatery that will both satisfy and delight curious foodies. This is also an ideal group restaurant for parties who are looking for extensive wine list and innovative cuisine list offering great value for money and some harder-to-find wines.

The restaurant’s name refers to the amount of money offered by Napoleon Bonaparte to anyone who can successfully device a method of preserving food for his armies in 1795. It was Confectioner Nicolas Franรงois Appert who claimed such prize when he stored food in wine bottles that were then heated to boiling point before being sealed.

The restaurant’s menu boasts elements of traditional and contemporary preservation methods like salting, smoking and curing, using only the finest ingredients sourced from the 4 corners of the world.

The team behind 12000 Francs is Woolly Pig Concepts. They have engaged the services of Conor Beach who is a chef known for his great attention to detail and his insistence on creating every dish from scratch. 

And with a communal Sommelier’s Table concept at its heart, the restaurant has evolved from a casual dining room to a buzzing yet sophisticated late night wine bar as the evening progresses.

Perfect Spot For Weekend Brunch In Hong Kong

You can choose from 2 sittings from every Saturday and Sunday – first is at 11:30am and the second is at 1:30pm.

You can start with their irresistible freshly-baked doughnut or home-made bread, along with pickled vegetables, some Serrano ham and soft boiled eggs. They also have delicious appetisers, featuring favourites like real cheeseburger, steak and eggs, and poached or scrambled organic eggs.

Moreover, they also offer their Weekend Specials. And if have still room, you may round off your weekend brunch with dessert.

Visit 12000 Francs now and be delighted with their offerings. Use their online booking system to reserve your dining experience. You just have to fill in the details to look for an available time.

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