Wednesday, May 17, 2017

C&S Tree Services – Your Best Partner In Keeping Your Trees Clean And Healthy Year-Round

For more than 12 years, Shawn Shelby has been in the tree care business. He has seen how almost all of them operated and he knew when he had a chance because his service is different in every way. For beginners, if you are not happy with the service he provides, he is not happy as well.

About C&S Tree Services

Shawn Shelby is the founder of C&S Tree Services, which is a tree service company that has no one sided contracts and no small print. They want you to be happy with every service they provide. To give you assurance, you can have their guarantee so you can read and see that you have selected the easiest company to do business with. They can take away all the risk for you since they give multiple guarantees and that you won’t pay a deposit. They strongly believe that all company policies should benefit you and not them.

Guarantees They Offer

  1. Well Work Till We Drop – When they remove a tree for you and you are not happy with the result, they will keep working for free in order to fix the problem until you are completely satisfied with their work.
  2. You’re Ace-In-The-Hole Can’t Lose – If they trim your trees and you are not happy with it, they will fix it. And when they cannot fix it, they will you the first 2 hours free. But if they have only worked for 2 hours and you are not happy even after fixing the problem, you do not owe them a dime.
  3. If We Break It We Bought It – They are insured for your protection and when they damaged something that is too small for an insurance claim, they will pay for the item’s original price. Most importantly, they will not complain or provide excuses.

Services They Offer

Tree Trimming – They will make sure that you enjoy healthy, majestic and gorgeous tees year-round. Trimming is a very important part of your seasonal landscaping activities. C&S Tree Services will make sure that all of your trees are net, clean and perfectly manicured.

Tree Removal – No matter what your needs are, C&S Tree Services will be more than qualified to remove trees from your property. They come out with specialized machines and equipment, licenced workers and risk-free guarantees.

Land Clearing - C&S Tree Services makes use of forestry mulching, which is one of the most revered land clearing techniques. It turns undesirable vegetation into mulch. Their land clearing services are done using the latest machines and equipment.

Emergency Tree Work – They licensed professional will assist you in every emergency tree work situation. Their workers are 24/7 ready to give you a hand.

C&S Tree Services has provided Oklahoma and Texas customers with specialized tree services for many years with only the best results. Give them a call now, ask for a free estimate and put them to the test. After all, they offer different risk-free guarantees.

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