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A Look At The Website Of College Admission Central

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Almost all senior students really give a thought to and work hard to get into the college or university that they want to go to months before they graduate from high school. They have to prepare and complete their college application forms, get their references and work on their application essays and other entry requirements. Students also have to prepare well for their interviews, too.

As such, high school seniors will really have a busy and tough time ahead. Aside from completing all their current requirements, they will have to work hard as well to make sure that they get accepted by the college that they want to enroll with next. Students who are finding it hard to prioritize, complete and ace their college application due to their hectic schedules can get help and guidance from College Admission Central.

College Admission Central

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College Admission Central was established to help students be accepted in the college of their dreams. The expert counselors of College Admission Central has been guiding and assisting senior students to successfully get into the university or college they want to enroll with for more than 25 years now.

At present, Dr. Deborah Bedor, is the CEO of College Admission Central. She is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, Phi Beta Kappa, Summa Cum Laude; recipient of the Schaff Memorial Prize for Scholarship and she holds both a master's degree and doctorate. She has been expertly coaching and advising pre-college students for the past 25 years.

Working With College Admission Central

Students who sign up with College Admission Central can make use of different effective online tools that can help them with their college application process. Below are some of these helpful tools:

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AdmissionMap. This is a customized “visual GPS for admission”. This is a comprehensive resource that students from start to end of their college application.

This is an essay perfecting system that helps students work on and complete the essay which they will submit to the college of their dreams. It helps them search for and choose compelling topics and provides them essay writing style and grammar tips, among others.

PocketScheduler app.
This app is the complete tool for a college application. It can help students who are looking for scholarships and cash awards, it provides alerts regarding important deadlines and it can also give them day-by-day previews and reminders of upcoming tasks.

AcceptanceMentor services. College Admission Central's senior advisors will work with a student on a one-on-one basis to help them design and execute their total package for admission.

You can read more about the tools and services you can get from College Admission Central on

About The Website

College Admission Central’s website definitely has a lot to offer to all senior high school students. If you are a pre-college student or the parent of one, this website is a good place to visit to know more about the process of successfully getting into a good college or university.

The website boasts of great graphics and videos that can really pull in any visitor. All the services and tools they offer are also explained thoroughly in the site and as a student or parent, you will appreciate the importance or benefits of having and using these specially designed helpful systems.

The website is indeed a complete one-stop shop for parents and the students themselves who need guidance and help with preparing for one of the most importance stages in their lives: going to college.

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