Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Microsystems: The Trusted Leader In Document Scanning And Microfilm Conversion Services

trusted scanning solutions provider
Regular sized scanners, which you probably have at your office, business premises or even at home, can serve any company or owner a number of purposes for several years and they are really great investments. But there are certain documents and other important paper works that you need scanned that such equipment can’t handle or are not the best machinery to use. Instead of investing in new equipment that you will not regularly use, you can simply outsource your scanning requirements to a company that specializes in these particular types of services.

About Microsystems
complete scanning services provider
One of the companies you can turn to when you need additional scanning services is Microsystems. Microsystems Pty Ltd was established in 1975. The company was primarily founded to provide a wide range of services to capture or scan all types of document and paper sizes and to convert Microfilm or Microfiche to digital images. Since then, the company has been highly regarded as the leading provider of these specialized services. The company is also known for its supplies and installation of various types of scanning equipment.

The company also embraces Secure Web Delivery, Cloud Based Records Management incorporating Workflow, integration to existing EDM/ECM Platforms, SharePoint as well as the supply of free Runtime Retrieval Software. They also provide comprehensive conversion services incorporating Forms Recognition, OCR, PDF-A and extensive Double Verified Data Entry Services.

Services Offered

The following are the services Microsystems provide to all of their customers:

reputable scanning solutions provider
• Scanning solutions. The company can scan any type, size and number of all hard documents.

• Data capture. If you need help with data entry, invoice processing and OCR, Microsystems can help you out.

• Microfilm or Microfiche scanning.
The firm is well known for scanning high volume of and any format of microfilm.

• Hardware and software solutions provider. The company also carries a wide range of scanners and accessories and software as well that you can invest in for your business.

You can get more details about each of these services or solutions on

A Look At Microsystems’ Website

Microsystems’ website is very simple-looking yet not at all uninteresting. It also boasts of great graphics but they are not too distracting or make the site too busy-looking or complicated.

The website is definitely an interesting and informative one. You think that you may already know a lot about scanners since you regularly use one in your office or at home but you will learn more about this very useful and important equipment when you visit this site. You can increase your knowledge about scanners as well when you read their blog.

You will also see the licenses and qualifications of Microsystems on their website and you will be impressed with all of their credentials. It is quite evident from their credentials and years of operations that they take their business seriously and they are very passionate about being the leader in this industry.

Microsystems’ website is definitely worth visiting if you need help with scanning certain types of documents and with other related services. You will find the particular type of help you are looking for here and other useful information as well.

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