Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Be A Better Triathlete With The Help Of Triathlon Research

complete online source for information about triathlon training

Almost all people have the ability to swim, run and ride a bike competently. But not everyone can do all three activities in immediate succession over various distances without any pause or time for a break.

The specific type of competition that involves an athlete swimming, cycling and running sequentially to cover several distances is called triathlon. Triathletes will have to compete to complete the overall course in the fastest time. There are four main international race distances in the world of triathlon. The shortest race distance is the Sprint distance while the longest is the Ultra distance.

Athletes who want compete in a triathlon will have to undergo periodised training in swimming, running and cycling. They also have to undergo various types of workouts and general strength conditioning.

Learning More About Triathlon  

reputable online source for information about triathlon training

If you want to learn more about triathlon, you can visit one website that to read up on this particular type of popular competition:

This website though does not only provide you information about triathlon: it offers ideas, tips and other highly relevant information about properly and completely training for this competition.

Triathlon Research is a complete online source of comprehensive research, distillation, and distribution of the best information regarding high performance triathlon training. Triathletes of any age, gender and ability levels will definitely want they need to prepare themselves for an upcoming competition on this website.

Triathlon Research was founded by Sam Cook.

What Triathlon Research Offers
complete online source for information about triathlon training

The website of Triathlon Research is a complete go-to source of information and resources about triathlon training.

On this website, you can read blogs and news, watch instructional videos and podcasts to help you achieve all your triathlon performance and lifestyle goals.

Some of the well-known athletes, trainers and coaches who regularly contribute to the Triathlon Research and work with founder Sam Cook include:

• Terry Laughlin
• Gwen Jorgensen
• Jamie Turner
• Bobby McGee
• Brenton Ford
• Mark Allen
• Daniel Bretscher

You can visit Triathlon Research’s website to watch the videos and join podcasts and lives shows as well as to read the blog.

What You Can Gain by Visiting Triathlon Research’s Website

There are three noteworthy benefits to be gained by regularly visiting this website.

First, you will read informative articles and news, view videos and join podcasts about triathlon training written and published, produced and recounted by world class athletes, coaches, trainers, psychologists and physiologists.

Second, Triathlon Research runs live online events with top level triathlon coaches, athletes, equipment manufacturers, and even technology experts in this particular field of high performance competition that you can join.

Finally, you can read comprehensive and information reviews regarding the latest triathlon technology, equipment, and tools designed to improve your triathlon training and competition results.

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