Sunday, November 30, 2014

McDowall Vets: Providing Effect Pet Care Services

For some individuals, pet have been a part of their family since they provide joy and pleasure. Thus, individuals make sure that they can provide the best features for their pets from food, shelter and even clothing. However, there are instances that pet owners cannot suffice the needs of their pets. So, in order to deal with these issues properly, you need to look for reliable pet experts like McDowall Vets.

What is McDowall Vets?

McDowall Vets is a veterinary clinic that provides amazing and effective pet care services. The company has skilled and seasoned pet experts who can provide you with the best services to cater to your pets’ needs.

Services of McDowall Vets

As of now, McDowall Vets offers a vast range of services to deal with your pets’ needs. Some of their services are consultations, preventative health, surgery, diagnostics, hospitalization and pathology. Each service is divided into other services in order to experts to properly provide your pets the ideal solution they need.

McDowall Vets

•    Consultations & Physical Examinations
•    Vaccinations
•    Free New Puppy and Kitten Consultations
•    Geriatric Medicine – free senior health checks.
•    Cardiac evaluations
•    Weight Reduction Programs
•    Pet Identification & Microchips
•    Exotic Pet Medicine
•    Behavioural Advice
•    Emergency & After hours Services

Preventative Health

•    Parasite control
•    Heartworm Treatment


•    Desexing
•    Anaesthesia
•    Dentistry
•    Orthopaedic Surgery
•    Soft Tissue Surgery


•    Radiology
•    Hip and Elbow Scoring
•    Ultrasound


•    Hospitalisation and emergency medicine


•    Blood tests and Laboratory Testing
•    Histopathology

Apart from these services, McDowall Vets also offer other services that you can you.

•    Grooming – This service is essential in order to help pets to become cleaner. Pet grooming can also help promote hygiene for your pets.
•    Boarding and pick-up – This is service is important in order to help pets improve their behavior and get rid of bad habits. Boarding is also ideal in case that you need to leave your pets for a while. Luckily, McDowall can provide pick-up services to help you.

McDowall Vets’ pet insurance

To ensure the health of your pets, you can also opt for McDowall Vets’ pet insurance. Luckily, you can also opt for different types of insurance for your pets.

Basic accident or medical cover - This is a reasonably narrow cover that only covers specific injuries or diseases.

Maximum benefit cover - Cover is provided up to a maximum amount per condition. There is no time limit on this cover, but once you have claimed up to the maximum amount for each condition, those conditions are no longer covered.

Covered for life - It is a broad ranging extensive cover. The cover is refreshed every year ensuring that you can claim up to the set amount of your policy every year for any conditions.

In case that you need to look for other pet services, you can visit to ensure that your pets are safe and healthy.

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