Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Perth bouncy Castle Hire - Bringing Inflatable Playground At Your Doorstep

Bouncy castles are becoming more popular these days among children not only during parties and events but also as an enjoyable recreation at home. 

What are bouncy castles?


Bouncy castles are inflatable castles with many different names. In Australia, they are popularly known as bouncy castles or jumping castles. Some other countries call them bouncies, bounce house, or brinca brinca (which means jump jump in Spanish).

Bouncy castles can be rented or can be owned. When you are considering this inflatable castle for your next special occasion, Perth Bouncy Castle Hire is the right choice.

What is Perth Bouncy Castle Hire?

It is a locally owned and operated company that offers bouncy castle hire services across Australia. Right now, they also offer face painting services as an additional way to provide young ones an unforgettable and colourful experience.

The company takes pride in their face painting artist who is known for her fun and creative personality and ensures that each child at the party or event will have a unique and creative design. Even adults can enjoy an artistic make-up for any occasions. 

Why Choose Perth Bouncy Castle Hire?


1. They offer a wide range of bouncy castles.
When you visit their website at www.perthbouncycastlehire.com.au, you will easily find a long list of the bouncy castles available for rent. You can conveniently choose the right bouncy castle to hire for your child, whether it's for her special birthday or for everyday use at home during the long vacation. They offer huge range of jumping castles that feature various cartoon characters that every child loves. With their list, you need not call other companies just to find the best one.

2. You can acquire your very own jumping castle at the lowest possible prices.
Perth Bouncy Castle Hire is becoming more popular among party planners because they help you source the inflatable castle that fits your budget.

3. They help you find the bouncy castle that meets your preferences.
If you cannot find your child's favourite character or style for a bouncy castle, they can provide assistance. Just let them know and their representative will be happy to help you source the equipment that best meets your requirements.

4. Safety is their priority.
For them, your children's safety always comes first. They make sure every part of the equipment is safe and clean for use by thoroughly checking it before and after every use. 

5. Delivered on time.
All of their services are delivered on time. For more info about their complete packages, you may call Helen today at 0404 341 584 or simply visit their website.

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