Monday, December 8, 2014

Commercial Bank In Dubai: Helping Build Your Financial Status

Every individual knows that saving finances is needed in order to make their future better. Of course, by saving you can obtain sufficient finances that can accommodate your needs. Apart from that, saving can also help make sure that you can make your life better. That is why when it comes to saving finances, you need to look for reliable banking institutions.

Opting for banking institutions is essential since they can help you save your money properly. Banking institutions can also help you increase the value of you money with the use of their financial options. However, there are also instances that banking institutions may be the main reason why individuals experience bankruptcy since they have chosen the wrong banking institution. So, If you are looking for a banking institution in Dubai that can help you, you can opt for the services of Commercial Bank in Dubai.

History of Commercial Bank of Dubai

Commercial Bank of Dubai or CBD started out to be a joint venture of Commerzbank, Chase Manhattan Bank and Commercial Bank of Kuwait in 1969. After a few years, the banking institution evolved into a National Public Shareholding company. Thus, there was an n exponential increase in the capital base and mammoth restructuring of our operations.

As of today, the institution offers a range of retail and commercial banking products and services at par with any other bank in the industry. The company also provides better banking solutions to their clients since they have a network of branches throughout the UAE. The institution also aims to provide better interest rates, new services, easier access and better technology to accommodate to your needs properly.

Popular services of Commercial Bank of Dubai

When it comes to finances individuals know that they need to monitor it regularly to ensure that they can obtain amazing benefits. With this said, the banking institution offers online services that can help you manage all your accounts, apply online and even transfers. Other than that, the institution also provides the following.
  • Budget and Track
This service allows individuals to take control of their financial life in a smarter way that's easier than you have ever imagined. This is possible since they can easily budget and track their finances online.
  • Credit Card Selector
The use of credit card has helped individuals improve their purchasing tasks. Not to mention, safety of their finances is improved since you do not need to bring cash as you go out. Thus, with the help of CBD, you can find the ideal card for you with the use their Credit Card Selector Tool.
  • Personal Loan Calculator
Getting loans is also essential most especially if you need finances instantly. With this said, CBD provide loan options for you. Their services can also help you find the maximum loan amount you are eligible for and the estimated monthly installment of your loan.

Benefits of CBD’s Virtual Assistant

As of now, CBD uses a virtual assistant to properly cater to your needs. This service can also provide you the following benefits such as.
  1. Faster way to get your questions answered.
  2. Here for you 24 by 7.
  3. Immediate, easy and effective self-service.
In case that you to know more about the services, you can visit them at to help you make better financial decisions.

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