Thursday, December 4, 2014

Right Selection.Com - The Website That Brings Out The Leadership In You
While many people aspire to be a great leader, many are also afraid of being one. To be a leader, it takes certain level of knowledge and skills. No matter what field of industry you belong to, you need to show above average intellectual skills, admirable personality, and most of all extraordinary people skills. 

Would you like to be a leader?

Leadership skills can be learned. There are many educational providers these days that aims to develop and bring out the leadership in each individual. If you want to develop yours, check out

What Is Right Selection?

Right Selection is a corporate community that aims to provide world-class learning experience and event organization skills through various training courses in Dubai and across the GCC countries. 

For more than 20 years, Right Selection has grown to be the most sought-after speakers bureau providing worthwhile learning experience and corporate services that can be customised to meet your specific requirements.

Let's Take A Look At Their Services:

One Stop Shop Speakers Bureau

Right Selection takes pride in its Dubai Speaker Bureau, which is also affiliated with the London Speaker Bureau. 

With their speakers and trainers who are all prominent leaders in their own field of expertise, Right Selection is able to provide all sorts of trainings you may need. If you need to boost your profitability, they have a revolutionary international Management Guru to educate you. If you need an inspirational speaker for your kind of audience, they can provide you a best-selling author or motivational speaker. You can choose the speaker that suits your needs best by theme, by budget, by gender, and even by geography.

Valuable Learning Experience
Right Selection has become popular because of their fun and interesting learning culture. They don't just source their speaker who are well-versed but also consider their ability to deliver their message in the most clear, memorable, and actionable manner.

They are even keen on providing each delegate an environment that's very conducive to learning such as holding a smooth registration process, providing a comfortable venue and sumptuous meals that won't cause a food-coma, and even balancing the AC temperature.

Customised Corporate Services

They offer in-house training, in-house library creation and consultancy, and public seminars that's prepared and created just for you. They have a client-centric plan that starts with Needs Analyses, where current stage of development is identified. Then proceeds with Planning, where a 6-month plan is created based on the identified client-specific gaps. And ends with Support, where you, as the client, is supplied with practical and inspirational tools such as Business Management Books, Training Video, DVDs, VCDs and Audio Programs to enhance library tools.

Starting off as a book store that goes beyond simply selling books by bringing the authors of the books they sell to Dubai, Right Selection has also launched its very own online bookstore. For more info, checkout this post.

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