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Fabtech International: One Of The Most Renowned Steel Fabricating Companies In The World

leading steel fabricating company
When your business is involved in the oil, gas, construction and other related industries, you need to be constantly working with other vendors and subcontractors. There will be times that you will have to subcontract certain jobs or tasks to other companies such as your accounting, bookkeeping and IT-related processes, if you don’t have your own in-house team. You will also have to order your supplies from different manufacturing firms and distributors so that your operations continues to go smoothly and unhampered and so that you complete all your projects.

To make sure that you satisfactorily complete any project or work given to you, you need to carefully choose the subcontractors and suppliers you will regularly work with. As such, you have to take the time to look for and wisely select the ones that you will eventually hire and order your supplies from frequently.

Fabtech International

trusted steel fabricating company
When it comes to your steel supplies, it always pays off to carefully choose the manufacturing firm or supplier where you will get these materials from. One of the leading and most globally recognized steel fabricating companies that you can choose to regularly work with is Fabtech International.

The Fabtech International Group of Companies is one of the biggest and most technically capable steel fabricators in the Middle East. The company was formally established in 1994 by Dr. Harry Moraes. The firm’s main headquarters is located in Dubai and has branch offices strategically located for operations across the globe. Fabtech provides a full range of services to the oil, gas, power, water and other process industries. Fabtech is also an ISO:9001 certified company.

Fabtech’s Specialized Divisions

Fabtech’s expertise in steel fabrication is based on their different specialized divisions. These are:
leading steel fabricating companyOil and Gas

• Oil rigs
• Land rigs
• Offshore derricks
• Jack up legs

Pressure Vessels

• Pressure vessel manufacturing
• Vessel repairs, alteration, re-rating and re-certification purposes

Rolling and Dished Ends

• Crown and petal construction
• Ellipsoidal Dished Heads and Spheres

Material Handling

• Pipe conveyor
• Ship loader
• Stacker reclaimer
• Port container cranes

Specialized Engineering

• Storage tanks
• Skid packages
• Piping structures
• Electrical and instrumentation


• Blasting and painting services


• Steel grating
• Serrated platforms


• Carbon steel and stainless steel storage tanks
• Tank repairs

You can read more details about these services on

An Overview Of Fabtech’s Website

Fabtech’s website boasts of clear and crisp images that will immediately give you a good idea of what their company is all about. It is also easy to navigate and use and it is complete with all the information you want or need to know about the company, their products and services.

The website is highly impressive. All the details or contents are up-to-date. You will definitely make the right decision in visiting Fabtech’s website first if you are looking for a trusted steel fabricating company or provider of steel-related services.

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