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Facts About ECELA Spanish

ECELA Spanish
Verbal communication is essential for every individual. Without verbal communication, individuals cannot communicate with others. Apart from that, gaining information and insights can be very hard. Surely, there are other means to communicate with individuals. However, verbal communication is better since you can properly express or state what you want to say. Hence, when it comes to learning language, especially Spanish, it is vital to look for experts. Or perhaps, you can look for institutions like ECELA Spanish. ECELA Spanish Is an institution that offers reliable and effective Spanish tutorials and classes. The company also has competent instructors who can provide you with the best lessons that can help you learn Spanish easily.

Course options

ECELA Spanish
As of now, ECELA Spanish offers two course options that can cater to your specific needs.

•    Group course – this course consists of 20 lessons that will take 50 minutes per lesson. These lessons are divided to grammar and conversation lessons. A maximum of 8 students. On the other hand, conversation lessons have a maximum of 4 students. These lessons are essential to help you learn to speak Spanish properly.

•    Private instructors –if you are looking for an extensive course to help you learn Spanish properly, you can also opt for private tutors. These tutors also provide 20 lessons.

Program lengths

ECELA Spanish provide different program lengths that can cater to your needs and schedule.

One week – individuals can advance one half of a “micro level”, but will still have a chance to enjoy the culture and make a slight improvement in your Spanish.

2-3 weeks - You will advance one “micro level”, which can be noticed by your friends. With this option, you can also get a 5% discount.

ECELA Spanish
4-6 weeks –This is the most common option in order to learn how to speak Spanish properly. In addition, you can also save 10% with this option.

7-12 weeks – By studying Spanish for 7-12 weeks, you can make significant improvements since you can finish a level.

13-19 weeks – In case that you wish to complete two levels, opting for 13-19 weeks of lessons are ideal.

20+ weeks – To achieve you maximum ability in speaking Spanish, you can choose this option to accomplish the whole program.

Other services

Luckily, ECELA Spanish also offers other services that can cater to your needs.

Apartments – Of course, when opting for Spanish lessons in ECELA, you need to have a comfortable place to live in. Luckily, ECELA Spanish can arrange a shared apartment for you.

Airport transfer – In order to make you move easier, ECELA Spanish can also help you arrange airport transfer to your new home.

If you are looking for other services, you can visit in order for you to learn Spanish easily and properly.

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