Sunday, January 18, 2015

Eureeca – Helping Businesses Find Funding

Owning a business is not easy since you must have sufficient resources for it to remain stable and provide great results. Financing your businesses can be the most difficult task, most especially if you have difficulty selling your products and services in today’s competitive marketplace. You must know that there is an excellent way on how you can finance your business – and this is through crowdfunding. And when it comes to this investment platform, Eureeca can help you out.

About Eureeca

Eureeca is considered the first global crowd investing marketplace. It provides an online platform for both small and medium businesses to seek funding from the crowd in exchange for equity. Investors and entrepreneurs can actually greatly benefit from Eureeca.

How It Works?

Businesses must apply to have their proposals listed on There is a need for them to upload important documents – these include an executive summary, business plan, financial projections, and images or videos of their businesses. After that, they must set their funding goal.

Eureeca’s third party will undertake a basic due diligence to make sure that the business indeed exists and operates. When it is approved, the funding proposal will go live. Businesses are only given 90 days to raise the target funds from the crowd.

This time, investors come into play. When they like what they see, they can actually invest as little as $100 or more. Be reminded that the terms and conditions will be set by the entrepreneur. Investors can invest in 1 or more funding proposals. Also, they can ask the entrepreneur questions, review, comment, share, and give feedback on any elements of the proposal submitted.

When the goal is not met, the money will be returned to the investors so they can invest in other funding proposals. But when the goal is met, Eureeca will process all final legal requirements. Apart from that, Eureeca will also manage the swap of funds for the agreed equity. The crowd investors will now become ambassadors for the brand – this further means that they can market, share, and promote the products and services of the business they have invested in.

Learn With Eureeca

Eureeca likewise provide educational videos in order for entrepreneurs and businesses to have broad knowledge on certain topics regarding crowd investing. Some of the things you can learn from Eureeca include:

  • Why Eureeca is good for entrepreneurs and investors?
  • Why raise capital?
  • What is valuation?
  • Different financial forecasts
  • Tips for getting your company listed in

Indeed, Eureeca will provide you with all the information you will need when it comes to crowd investing. For more info, read on

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