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Finding Out If Your Water System Is Legionella-Free With The Help Of AquaCert

trusted online source for Legionella testing kits

Legionnaires’ disease is usually caused by L. pneumophila bacteria. This bacterium is usually found and grows in natural water supplies, in constructed artificial and recirculating and water supply systems that have mild temperatures (around 35°C).

Legionnaires’ disease is caused when water droplets containing sufficient numbers of the L. pneumophila bacterium enter the air in minute or in aerosol form which can be inhaled easily and deeply by people. When the bacteria go inside one’s lungs, the lung epithelial cells and macrophages are attacked and they further multiply. Symptoms of this disease include coughing, lethargy, fever, muscle aches, vomiting and eventually, shortness of breath. If not treated immediately, patients with afflicted with this illness can succumb to death.

Water Systems That Can Be Harbouring The Legionella Bacteria

There are various water systems that you have and are using in your property where the Legionella bacteria can already be present. These water systems include:

• Showers
• Calorifiers and water heaters
• Cold water storage tanks
• Drinks machines
• Sources of drinking water

reputable online source for Legionella testing kits

Legionella Testing Kits For Different Water Systems

AquaCert offers an easy and cost effective way to screen water for the presence of Legionella bacteria. They have different Legionella testing kits for different types of water systems.
For shower systems, AquaCert offers a Legionella Testing Kit for Showers. They also offer Showerhead Plus, a highly effective product that kills the Legionella bacteria.

Calorifiers and water heaters also have to be checked for the presence of Legionella. You can use AquaCert’s Legionella Testing Kit for Water Heaters and Calorifiers to ensure that the hot water coming from sink taps and other areas are safe to use.

To check if the water in your cold water storage (CWS) tank is potable or fit to drink, you can use the Potable Water Quality Test for CWS Tanks.

If you have or use drinks machines that come dispense bottled drinking units or comes in the form of main fed drinking water units and vending machines, due to poor maintenance or unhygienic handling, these systems can also be harbouring the Legionella bacteria. To check such machines, you can choose to get a Pre-Flush or Post-Flush Water Quality Testing.

All sources of your drinking water have to be regularly tested for the presence of Legionella. They have to be considered potable so that they can be safe to drink. AquaCert offers Pre-Flush and Post Flush Potable Water Quality test kit to determine if your drinking water is safe for consumption and free from Legionella.

AquaCert’s Legionella Water Testing Service 
trusted online source for water testing kits
The whole process starts by ordering your required water testing kit from AquaCert’s website, You will then receive the kit which includes a sterile bottle which you will fill with the water sample. You will then need to contact AquaCert to let them know the sample is ready and their courier service will collect the sample. AquaCert will then carry out the laboratory testing and analysis. You will then receive the results or certificate from them. If the results show that there are Legionella bacteria in your water systems or sources, you will be given advice and guidance on how to control and eliminate them.

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