Friday, January 30, 2015

Key Solar – Your Best Partner When It Comes To Solar Installations

There are many benefits of using solar power. First, it is of low maintenance. Second, the sun is free. Third, production of solar energy is quiet. Fourth, it is thoroughly green so you need not to be worried about your carbon footprint. Lastly, it is renewable – it will never run out. It is for these reasons that an increasing number of businesses and homes are opting to use solar power nowadays. And if you are considering of installing a solar system in your property, nothing beats Key Solar.

About Key Solar

Key Solar is very much committed to ensuring that their customers will get the most from their solar system. They are local, based on the Gold Coast. They claim that they are not a large, impersonal, discount chain operation. Being local will mean they are always accessible to take care of you one-on-one. 

Key Solar is founded by Jeff Connell. For the past 25 years, he has been an electrical contractor with a research interest in renewable energy. After completing the Advanced Diploma of Renewable Energy Technology Certificate, he became fully accredited with the Clean Energy Council to design as well as install both domestic and commercial solar systems anywhere in Australia. He claimed that he has already installed more than 3,000 solar systems in South East Queensland along with some major projects in Hobart and Mackay in the past 5 years.

Products And Services They Offer

  • Panels – Key Solar offers different panels. They can actually source any panel on the market. However, they highly emphasized that they already have chosen a range of panels that they believe to offer only the best trade-off between value, quality, and performance.
  • Inverters – This is the heart of solar PV system. Key Solar is using SMA as their leading brand of choice. SMA solar inverters are considered the industry standard for the global solar PV industry.
  • Roof Kits – The company makes use of Hopergy Mounting Kits. The universal panel mounting system is said to provide simple but efficient solutions for every application from tin to tile roofs. The wide range of mounting brackets Hopergy offer will provide secure and fast fixing to sheet metal or rafters for all roofing angles types.
  • Check Up And Clean – Key Solar recommends a 6 monthly check up and clean. Checking the performance as well as safety will provide you the peace of mind that your system is indeed performing correctly. This is actually a requirement of the Electrical Safety Standards – all systems must be checked on a periodical basis. The Check Up And Clean will include cleaning any debris from around or under the array and cabling, checking all wiring, removing of any build-up of grim, dust, and bird droppings, performance testing of the array voltage, as well as test operating of AC and DC switches and isolation links.

Why Choose Key Solar

  1. They install only the highest quality solar systems.
  2. They have the right knowledge, skill, and equipment to install every solar system. 
  3. They do all the paperwork.
  4. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed and backed by product and workmanship warranty.
  5. They provide ongoing support and maintenance services for the lifetime of the system.

You can learn more about Key Solar along with the products and services at

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