Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Best Line-Up Of Bouncy Castles You Can Rent From Perth Bouncy Castle Hire

reputable provider of bouncy castle hire services in Perth

Bouncy castles are now staples in almost all malls and family-friendly restaurants. Definitely, you can no longer count how many hours your kids spend time playing and having fun in these inflatable play equipment whenever you and your children are at a mall or in any place with a bouncy castle.

This inflatable play equipment can also be a great main activity mobile centre for any children’s party. They will make a great attraction for your child’s birthday, providing him or her and all the young guests hours of endless fun and enjoyment.

If you want to have a bouncy castle for your child’s upcoming birthday party, you don’t have to buy one since this item can be quite expensive. The most practical option for you and all other parents is to hire a bouncy castle that can be installed inside or outside your home for your kid’s party.

leading provider of bouncy castle hire services in Perth

Perth Bouncy Castle Hire

Perth locals can economically and conveniently rent a bouncy or jumping castle from Perth Bouncy Castle Hire.

Perth Bouncy Castle Hire is a family-owned company specialising in renting out affordable and safe bouncy castles. They regularly inspect, clean and maintain all of their inflatable fun equipment to make sure that they are safe and highly conducive for all kids to play on.

The company carries a 20 million public liability insurance and takes pride in their 100% safety record. They provide their expert services in various suburbs and other areas in and near Perth.

trusted provider of bouncy castle hire services in Perth

Inflatables For Rent From Perth Bouncy Castle Hire

There are various designs or themes of bouncy castles offered by Perth Bouncy Castle Hire. These include the following:

• Princess Fairies
• Princess Jump
• Princess Slide
• Pirates & Dragons
• Justice League
• Toy Story
• Spiderman Slide
• Dora Slide
• Batman Slide
• Cars / Planes
• Butterfly Slide
• Pirate Slide
• Safari Slide
• Under the Sea

To get more details about each of the inflatable play equipment, their rates, how to book and hire them and the rental terms and conditions, visit

Why You Should Rent Your Jumping Castle From Perth Bouncy Castle Hire

Aside from the liability insurance and 100% safety track record of Perth Bouncy Castle Hire, the company makes sure that all their equipment are thoroughly checked, cleaned and maintained regularly; as such, you can be sure that whatever item you hire from them is safe and highly conducive for your kids to stay in. They will also expertly install the bouncy castle on your property at least 30 minutes before the time of the party so that the kids can immediately have fun in the castle as soon as the event starts. Finally, Perth Bouncy Castle Hire offers the lowest rates in Perth so you can provide your children great entertainment without blowing a hole in your pocket.

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