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The Premium Package: SEO Sherpa’s Most Popular Website Traffic Plan

reputable SEO company in Dubai

Various companies that provide search engine optimisation or SEO services offer different packages. Each package is designed to help website owners achieve all their goals of ranking higher on search engines. These packages have various content, makes use of several SEO strategies and they come at different rates as well. These packages were created by highly trained and qualified SEO experts so that website owners can find one that would be best for their business at a price that they could afford.

leading SEO company in Dubai

SEO Sherpa

One of the leading and most recognizable SEO service providers based in the UAE is SEO Sherpa. This company was established and currently being managed by James Reynolds. Their office in Dubai is located at the Jumeirah Beach Residence Dubai.

SEO Sherpa has been the leader in the Dubai search engine optimisation arena for more than 4 years now. The agency is also the only SEO company in the UAE that offers a “No-Risk Ranking Promise”. This is SEO Sherpa’s guarantee that they will increase a website’s ranking within 23 days or they will continue working for free until this target objective is achieved.

trusted SEO company in Dubai

SEO Sherpa’s Premium Package

SEO Sherpa offers four SEO packages: Starter, Basic, Premium and Elite. Among the four, the most popular plan is the Premium package.

The Premium SEO package is considered a serious traffic package that can help any website dominate the search results. The key elements included in this most-sought after package are:

• Five focus keyword phrase themes targeted every month
• Multiple variations of the target keyword phrases
• 6 content  or articles added to your website or blog every month
• Five original articles promoting your website
• Distribution of the articles
• 7 content pieces placed on established websites (PR1 – 4 sites)
• Content placed on different Web 2.0 properties
• One custom PDF document
• Distribution of the PDF document
• One custom high quality video
• Multiple videos based on the customized video
• Distribution of all custom videos
• Bookmarking of all posts
• Social media posting
• Blog commenting and guest posts
• Monthly performance report
• Acces to live ranking dashboard

This is a high level custom pack so all article content, the sample video script and images will be sent to you to edit or approve first before they will be rendered and submitted.

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Why You Should Choose The SEO Premium Package

SEO Sherpa’s Premium package has always been consistent in getting great results for any website. The package, just like the others offered by SEO Sherpa, also makes use of 100% handcrafted, organic SEO strategies. As such, they are safer and are more long lasting than the risky manufactured SEO done by other companies. Finally, the Premium package also comes with the SEO Sherpa’s ranking guarantee; in case the results have not been improved within 23 days, they will continue working for you for free. It’s definitely an offer that is hard to resist.

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