Thursday, January 29, 2015

Triathlon Research: Providing The Best Podcasts That Can Help You Be A Better Triathlete

leading online source for triathlon training resources

To be the best triathlete, you need to train regularly and have access to various well-researched resources. Ideally, these resources should come from trusted, fully-qualified and seasoned pros. They have to come from experienced coaches and trainers, physiologists, sports psychologists and researchers and professional triathletes themselves. This is to ensure that all the studies and information that you will be getting to help you achieve your triathlon lifestyle and performance goals are scientifically correct, proven and safe to follow.

Today, the Internet is one of the go-to resources of all athletes, including triathletes. There are many websites dedicated to providing triathletes information and tips on how they can master their craft. All these information come in the form of videos, articles, blogs and podcasts. They were all prepared, created and/or written by leading and highly regarded experts in this field.

Triathlon Training Podcasts

A podcast is a video or audio program designed to be played on the iPod. They are shows comparable to radio or TV shows. They are produced by professionals or amateurs and posted to the Internet for download and listening or viewing. A podcast can either be free or it has to be purchased over the Internet.

In the case of podcasts about triathlon training, these are videos or audio programs spearheaded by professional triathletes, seasoned coaches and trainers, physiologists and sports psychologists and researchers. These podcasts provides useful information and the latest updates about the world of triathlon and how triathletes can train and prepare better for future race events. 

trusted online source for triathlon training resources

Triathlon Research

One of the websites that provides up-to-date and numerous podcasts about triathlon training is Triathlon Research. This site is a complete online source of comprehensive research, distillation, and distribution of the best information about high performance triathlon training. This website was founded by Sam Cook, a professional triathlete. It is a trusted online site where you can watch videos, read articles and blogs and listen to podcasts – all of which are about the most useful and latest information in the world of triathlon. 

reputable online source for triathlon training resources

Podcasts From Triathlon Research

There are various podcasts that you can download from the website of Triathlon Research. You can even listen to them directly from or read the transcripts on the website. Some of the triathlon training podcasts you can listen to and download from the site include:

• Mark Allen: A Different Place
• Gwen Jorgensen: Perspectives of a World  Champion
• Jamie Turner: The Group Coaching Advantage
• Celeste St. Pierre: In the Moment
• Mark Allen: The Mindset of Triathlon
• Ari Meisel: Triathlon Nutrition and Wellness
• Amy Javens: Process, Progression and Mindset

You can listen to and download all these podcasts to learn more about the world of triathlon training on

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