Thursday, February 26, 2015

High Quality Steel Supplies And Products You Can Get From Fabtech International

trusted steel fabricating company in the UAE

Steel is the number one choice of material and supplies of many construction and contracting companies in the UAE. This is because steel is a greatly versatile, strong and durable and sustainable material.

Business owners would sometimes have difficulty looking for reputable steel fabrication companies in UAE. This is true since there are many companies that are not reliable and only produce steel supplies that are of substandard quality. As such, they can compromise integrity of the products they are selling or the infrastructures that are being constructed. 

leading steel fabricating company in the UAE

Trusted Manufacturer Of Steel Supplies And Products

Investing in high quality steel supplies or products is indeed a main priority for many business owners. As such, it is important to choose a reputable steel manufacturing company to get all your required supplies from. One of the most renowned and leading steel fabricating companies that you can get all your needed products and supplies from is Fabtech International.

The Fabtech International Group of Companies is one of the largest, most established and technically capable steel fabricating firms in the Middle East. It was established in 1994 by Dr. Harry Moraes. Fabtech’s main headquarter is located in Dubai. However, the company has branch offices strategically located for operations across the globe. Fabtech International offers a wide range of services and supplies to various oil, gas, power, water and other processing industries. 

trusted steel fabricating company in the UAE

Steel Supplies And Products You Can Get From Fabtech International

Fabtech International carries a diverse range of high quality steel supplies and products. These include:

Steel Supplies For The Oil And Gas Industry

• Rigs
• Triangular legs
• Land rig substructure
• Land rig mast structure
• Drilling derrick
• Mud system and power package

Steel Supplies For Power Vessels

• Boosters and HTF heaters
• Production and inlet separator
• Water bath heaters
• Reactor vessel for HYL
• Gas metering skid package
• Cannister vessels
• LPG bullets
• DRI cooler

Rolling And Dished Ends Steel Supplies

• Pressing and dishing machines
• Rolling machines
• CNC machines

Grating Supplies

• Fabricated grating
• Circular gratings and clips
• Grating with circular opening

Material Handling Supplies

• Pipe conveyors
• Ship loaders
• Stacker reclaimer
• Continuous ship unloader
• Mechanical ship unloader
• SOHAR ship unloader

You can get more details about all the steel supplies and products you can get from Fabtech International on

Other Services Of Fabtech International
Fabtech International is also known for their construction and specialised engineering divisions. Some of the construction and specialised engineering projects they have completed are the secondary steel arch of the Sheikh Zayed Bridge and Airbus mock-ups.

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